Heyyyyy Huns, welcome back to my blog! I thought today I would do another What I Wore Wednesday post for you guys as a lot of you seemed to really enjoy the last one! If you haven’t read my first post you can find it under the ‘Fashion’ tab on the homepage. Basically my idea for ‘What I Wore Wednesday’ is just to do a short collective post every month or so featuring a round-up of outfits I’ve worn over the period since the last one. Since my last post, over the rest of September I had a birthday date… View Post


So I don’t know about you, but sometimes I am the World’s most motivated and driven person, getting loads done, running errands and still managing to fit in a food shop and gym session. Then I have those ‘other’ days where I am completely unmotivated and unwilling to do anything other than reach over to switch on my laptop and binge on the Real Housewives. Some days I have so many ideas for what I want to do and achieve then others I have zilch. Nothing. Nada. These days can sometimes make you feel down and worthless, as if you… View Post


Hi loves! Welcome back. Today’s blog post is going to be some handy tips and advice on how to get out of a gym and healthy eating rut. I really struggled there after Christmas because I hadn’t been going to the gym as regularly as I used to and was only going to a class a week maybe the whole of November and then December I didn’t go to anything the whole month and was back to eating whatever I wanted. Then take into account the numerous pigs in blankets consumed at all the Christmas and New Year family dinners… View Post

What I Wore: Justin Bieber Concert & Halloween DIY Mermaid Costume!

Good Morning lovelies! Happy Sunday to you all. I hope you’ve had a fabulous Halloween weekend. I have had a busy little week of work, prepping for Halloween, going to see Justin Bieber and also upgrading my blog! I am so pleased with how it looks now and I hope it is easier for you all to read and navigate with the new menu. As I was linking all my other posts into the new menu I noticed I haven’t done as many fashion posts as I would like so I thought I would do one today on what I… View Post