Hey ladies! I hope you are all doing well! I wanted to share my blog post with you all on my Dermaplaning experience at Urban Retreat within The Academy Of Clinical Training.

I’ve been wanting to get Dermaplaning for such a long time. I’ve heard how amazing it is and how it makes your skin feel baby smooth which in turn helps your make-up go on so well. If you have never heard of Dermaplaning, it’s basically a facial treatment that gets rid of ‘vellus’ hair which is what is commonly known as ‘peach fuzz’. Most women get it on their cheeks, upper lip and neck area and is normally very light in colour. Something I didn’t know was that the Dermaplaning treatment also removes dead skin from the face as well. Many people believe that Dermaplaning is ‘sore’ or think the hair will grow back ‘thicker and darker’ but none of this is true. Jenny who is the owner of Urban Retreat and The Academy, explained to me that the vellus hair grows differently from what we know as pubic hair. Pubic hair grows in thicker and darker the more you shave it whereas vellus hair is different. It takes 4-6 weeks to grow back and grows back no differently from the vellus hair from before.

My treatment started off as what felt like a really nice facial. Jenny removed all of my make-up with some lovely products and warm towels and then my skin was prepped for the treatment which was verrrrry relaxing, especially after a long day at work. Jenny then went around my face and neck twice with a gentle scalpel. Once to remove the vellus hair and the second time to remove any dead or dry skin. It was not sore at all.. infact I couldn’t really feel anything! Here is some pictures and a small video of the treatment so you can see first hand what it was like.

Jenny showed me what came off my face in terms of vellus hair and dry skin and it was not a pretty sight! However my face felt so light and fresh and so much more less clogged/congested so I highly recommend this treatment for anyone who struggles with clogged up skin.

After the treatment my skin was then again treated with a nice little facial mask and some lovely vitamin cream and serum and it felt AMAZING! I went home and I was honestly glowing. Please excuse the picture I look so tired after working all day but honestly my skin has never looked so good! Since having the treatment my skin has been great and my make-up is going on so easily and smoothly every time.

I was totally impressed with my treatment and The Academy in general. As I mentioned in my previous post it is the absolute number one place to go if your looking to enhance your skills in beauty! I was blown away with the space there and all of the facilities.. it’s huge and so clean, calm and just a brilliant environment plus the girls who work there are extremely friendly and welcoming. So whether you are looking to do a beauty course or just go for a nice pamper or treatment within Urban Retreat.. there is definitely something for everyone and I highly recommend it – I can’t wait to go back!

I hope you have all enjoyed my post girlies.. I’ve had so many messages about Dermaplaning and I had never had it done before until now so I can finally answer questions and share my experience with you all! Be sure to check out The Academy’s insta pages @theactuk and @urbanretreattheacademy to keep up with all the latest courses and treatments. Thank you so much for reading and also feel free to follow my Instagram @lucyrachaelx to keep up with me too 😁💗! Thanks so much for reading and lots of love until next time,


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