Helllloooo everyone! Yes I am alive and well. I already posted on my Instagram and Facebook page during the week but I can confirm I am no longer MIA and firmly back in action. I’m sorry I went away for so long, I just needed a break. I had burnt myself out completely through working unsociable hours and doing blogging and YouTube videos every single week – which most people might not realise takes a helllllla lot a work and time. I originally was just going to take the month of December off but that somehow turned into almost a 2 month thing. Nevertheless I welcomed the break and now that I’m finally about to start my new job (no more unsociable hours woohoo) and be in a proper routine, I feel like I can finally get back to doing what I love and pour my heart and soul into it again.

With all that being said, the break has given me my wee ‘creative mojo’ back and I have decided to add a couple of more things to my list of what I will be blogging about from here on out so I thought I would share them with you all today before I start! As well as my usual beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts I am going to incorporate fitness posts, share more of my knowledge on the law of attraction and spirituality and also include some interior and home style posts too!

My love for all things beauty is still as strong as ever! As before, I’m going to continue to share my tips and tricks with you all, share my best budget beauty finds and try out different make-up products to share with you all my experiences and impressions of them. I also want to do more testing videos and get ready with me/tutorial posts on my YouTube so stay tuned for them!

I feel like I’m really coming into my own with my fashion sense and trying out different trends and styles that are out-with my usual comfort zone and I am LOVING it! I love sharing what I’ve been wearing and where to find it with you all over on my Instagram and I will keep up my ‘What I Wore Wednesday’ posts with you all as I know from feedback you enjoy those kind of posts! I also want to do more posts on styling for certain events and putting together look books, outfits and things based on what is on trend! I’ve been lucky enough to be featured on Pretty Little Thing twice over the last month or so and I’m so grateful! I cannot express how surreal it is to see your face looking back at you on a site you always shop on.

I want to use this category for more personal and real life posts! This is where I will share with you guys wee stories, general life updates and any fun experiences I’ve had such as travelling and holidays or maybe even some reviews of restaurants or places I’ve tried and recommend if you would like that? As you know – ya girl loves her fooooood! I have been really getting into cooking recently too so I would love to share any recipes or healthy food I make on here with you all too. I also want to keep doing posts on spirituality, the Law of Attraction and all of the things I’ve learned about living in the moment and living in the most positive way possible to create an amazing life – so keep an eye out under this section for these kind of posts!

As most of you already know if you follow my blog and my Instagram, I love keeping fit and active and going to the gym! I love learning new techniques, trying different classes and finding what works for me. As I do this, I want to share my experiences with you all and maybe help you out too the way other fitness bloggers and experts have shown me the way and shared their ideas to help me! I used to incorporate my fitness posts under the lifestyle category but I think from now on I will keep them separate so they are easy to find and understand! I hope to share my progress with you all and post my workouts over on my Instagram stories too.

So I am absolutely completely and utterly obsessed with interiors.. everything about them just makes me so – daydreamy? Is that even a word?! Anyway.. I could hand on heart easily spend hours on end scrolling through all the interior and home Instagram accounts, picking up inspo and ideas here and there! I’ve got so much inspo in my wee brain that I’d love to share with you all when the time comes that Kyle and I get our own house.. which we are hoping will be this year! So I thought I would include this and it means I can share with you all my interior ideas and creations and how we decide to decorate. This could also be for people who still live at home because I’m forever buying things for my bedroom.. so I can share those too!

Hopefully you all enjoy my new ideas and blog posts/YouTube videos to come. I’m so excited to share everything with you all and hopefully give you all some inspiration, information and just bring you a wee bit of joy with what I post! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram as that is where I will always post on my story when I have a new post! I also have a Facebook and Twitter page that you can keep up with what I’m up to! Thank you all so much for sticking by me through this wee break and giving me the time to refocus on my blog and YouTube – it has totally been worth it as I feel refreshed and brand new and ready to take on some big 2018 goals!!! Here is to the future of lucyrachaelx 🥂 I hope you are all here to stay!

Lots of love until next time,


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