Happy Sunday everyone! Welcome back to my blog. I mentioned on my Snapchat this week that I was going to give myself a wee break from YouTube this week to focus on my blog and other things because I haven’t actually given myself a week off since I came back from Cape Verde (except for one week when I was waiting on a ring light being delivered). It has been super hard to try and have that break, I have had the biggest itch to just film a video for you all but I have managed to be strict with myself. I just felt compelled to write a couple of blog posts this week as I feel like my wee blog is being a bit neglected so here I am.

I had mentioned on Snapchat this week also that as well as my What I Wore Wednesday post, I would also do a post on Sunday which would be a review post on a beauty product I recently tried for the first time (still to come) however when it came to actually sitting down and writing it I didn’t feel inspired to. Instead I have the urge to write about something that my eyes have been opened very wide to over the past couple of weeks and that is online bullying or ‘trolling’ for use of a better word. As you all know I have been blogging for a year and a half now and doing YouTube for around four months. Over that time I have had barely any negativity or criticism which I am very grateful for. Now something I want to majorly point out right away is there is a huge difference between constructive criticism and just flat out nasty bullying. If any of you follow me on Snapchat or have me on Facebook you will know that I had my very first experience with a ‘troll’ a couple of weeks ago. If anyone is wondering what a ‘troll’ is, no it’s not a mythical creature that lives under a bridge in a magical forest, it’s a sad, lonely person who sits behind a computer with a strange username and no profile picture, who’s day is consumed with actively seeking innocent people on the internet to bully. Basically someone went through my YouTube videos, with no profile picture, a strange name and a handful of nasty comments for me. In the first instance I was really shocked, it honestly baffled me that someone could be so cruel for no reason. My family and friends told me to brush it off, don’t let it get to me and just delete the comments, report the account and forget about it, which I did. Until it came to posting my YouTube video last week and all of a sudden I was filled with anxiety and fear. What if I get more hate? What if people are watching my videos and thinking the same things but they just don’t write them? Am I making a huge mistake by putting myself out there? This is just a few of the thoughts that filled my head. I decided that I wanted to put this out there and get it off my chest so I took to Snapchat to rant and ramble as I do from time to time. I thought wait, just be honest, don’t sweep it under the carpet and suppress the feelings. Let them out and you will feel better. It didn’t take me long to get into one of my lengthy rambles and all of my feelings came pouring out. Yes it had majorly knocked my confidence, yes it had really hurt my feelings and made me question myself, my looks, my mannerisms, everything. Once I let it all out I felt so much better. Of course I never post anything for sympathy – more for therapy to be honest with you. However, messages from far and wide started pouring in of love and support from my friends and lovely followers on Snapchat and it made me realise something. One nasty person’s irrelevant opinion or comment is not a reflection of who you are, not even close. For every horrible troll there is 1000 lovely people willing you to succeed who think you are great just how you are. There is no need to change anything to suit the nasty troll, that is what they want after all.



I don’t know if it was after having my own experience of trolling that my eyes have been opened, or if it is just becoming far too common in the social media world these days – but I have noticed a lot of other influencers/bloggers etc also getting really nasty troll comments recently and outing them on Instagram Stories or Snapchat so people can see it for themselves and some of the things I have read are just so vile. Since my own experience I have saw 3 other big bloggers and YouTubers sharing their troll comments and urging followers to report the accounts. Seeing those vile comments hit a nerve and just compelled me to write this post today. I want everyone to know no matter who you are, online bullying is not ok. Infant bullying of any kind is not ok. It’s unnecessary and under no circumstances should it be tolerated. So if you are reading this and you get hate comments or are being bullied online – I know it is hard but please do not let it knock your confidence or stop you doing whatever it is that YOU want to do. That is what the bullies want. They see something in you that they don’t have or they feel insecure about. They see you living your life and enjoying it and they don’t like it. They want you to feel as miserable as them and they can do it with just a few clicks – it’s just important to not let them win. Have a wobble, have a cry, take a break from the online world if you need to – just do not let them stop you no matter what. If you haven’t experienced online bullying but you see it in someone’s comments section, show your support and click ‘report’ on the comment. The more reports the app gets, the more likely they are to ban the account and take down the comment. We cannot let these vile people win. Oh and if you are reading this and you know you actively troll people then shame on you, I can only hope and pray you find happiness in yourself some day.

I apologise for the ranty post today guys but I haven’t done a ‘lifestyle’ post in a longggg time and I just felt compelled to write this today for some reason. I promise normal fun and beauty/fashion/positive posts will resume after hitting the post button on this one. I just feel like it is an important topic to talk about and online bullying really needs to be wiped out. I hope you all enjoyed this post and thanks so much for reading. In the meantime don’t forget to follow me on social media and check out my YouTube channel and Subscribe if you enjoy my videos, the buttons for all of the above are right here on my blog. Thanks so much for reading and lots of love until next time,


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