Hello angels! Welcome back to my blog. I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the love on my last post! I’m so glad you all loved my What I Wore Wednesday and I will be sure to start doing one every few weeks as a lil round up of all my outfits for you guys. 

I’ve had a mega busy couple of weeks, September is always a crazy month for me because me and my best friends share the same birthday week and over the past week we all turned 23! My birthday was on Monday and I had a brilliant day – I was thoroughly spoiled by Kyle and all my lovely friends and family. 

I had been super busy over the weekend celebrating other things too. On the Friday Kyle and I had a date night at one of our favourite restaurants, the Boathouse, as an early birthday night out for me. We had the most yummy dinner and drinks ever with the most perfect views! Then on Sunday we were at a gorgeous naming ceremony and first birthday party for beautiful baby Iris with Kyle’s family. It was a lovely afternoon and then we were straight off to a wedding reception with my family! It was amazing and we had a great time… I even caught the beautiful bride’s bouquet! 

I had my make-up done for my busy day on Sunday by my lovely friend Keira – what a talented gal she is – be sure to check out her insta! She’s amazing. I decided to go for a ponytail style up-do with lots of curls to match both my outfits for the day also which was done by my faaaaabulous hairdresser Shona – another exceptionally talented lady! 

After having such a brilliant weekend I had the loveliest birthday on Monday and had all the family round for a Chinese, birthday cake and tea! I might be 23 but you KNOW I got a Curly the Catterpillar cake. I was so spoiled with cards, gifts and money from my lovely friends and family plus Kyle got me two pairs of gorgeous shoes! A pair of black stilettos and then these gorgeous nude, Carrie Bradshaw style court shoes which I got as an early present and wore last week to a wedding and out on our date night as well. They are just so gorgeous and I couldn’t be more grateful to him and my friends and family for all of their love and generosity on my birthday! 

So thank you very much for reading lovelies! I hope you enjoy my wee round up of my crazy but wonderful week. I also forgot to mention I am SO sorry I didn’t have a YouTube video up on Sunday. If you follow me on Snapchat you will have seen my posts about how unfortunately the footage I spent hours filming and editing somehow had a fault and the video would not save. Major technical difficulties but hey – it’s all good. I was so frustrated at first but it was a learning curve and a reminder that blogging and doing YouTube ain’t always easy but it is worth it! I’m refilming the same video again tomorrow and fingers crossed all going smoothly it will be up on Sunday as normal! 

Thank you so much for reading and don’t forget to follow me on my social media channels! The links are here on my page as is the link to my YouTube channel if you would like to check that out and Subscribe I would be so grateful! Lots of love until next time,


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