Hello loves! Long time no speak.. ! I have been working so hard on my wee YouTube channel recently that I feel like I have neglected my blog a lil bit – but as I say I’ve just been so super busy finding my feet with filming and editing that my blog has had to take little back seat. I haven’t filmed a video this week as I am waiting on some new equipment arriving which made me turn to my blog and made me realise how much I don’t want to stop posting on my blog though because I absolutely love it so I am definitely going to make a much bigger effort to post on here more regularly than I have been.

Sticking with the theme of YouTube I thought I would do a post on what I have learned throughout my first two months of doing YouTube and how I’ve found it so far! Firstly, I will say I absolutely LOVE it and it has been soooo fun so far, I can’t even explain how much I enjoy it. I have loved learning what works and what doesn’t and finding my editing ‘style’. Its really hard to put yourself out there on the internet these days on any platform – especially blogging and YouTube. Posting videos of yourself can feel a bit daunting and can make you feel quite vulnerable. The first thoughts that go through my head when I am about to post are “will people like my video?”, “will people even watch my video at all?” and it can be a little bit overwhelming at times but I have learned to just let it go and see what happens. Mostly all of the comments and reactions to my YouTube have been so positive though which is amazing and hopefully long may it continue. I have learned that YouTube is a process and it isn’t all about being super perfect and having the best lighting or editing it’s just about being you and making people happy through your videos and that is 100% my main aim with YouTube and my blog too. I was so ecstatic to reach my first big milestone on YouTube a few weeks ago – I hit 200 subscribers! I honestly cannot believe it. My goal at the very beginning of the summer when I posted my first video on 16th June was to try and reach 100 subscribers by the end of August. To say I surpassed my goal and hit 200 by July is just incredible to me and from the bottom of my heart I am so thankful and grateful for everyone who watches anything I put up or subscribes, it just makes all the hard work soooo worth it.

I’ve always known I wanted to do YouTube for years now as I’ve probably mentioned a million times! So in a way I always knew it wouldn’t be easy as I put it off for quite some time, but when the right time came along I was prepared to work for it. I knew it wouldn’t be a complete walk in the park and don’t get me wrong it isn’t totally because it can take forever to export your videos and upload them etc. but actually doing it is really fun for me in a weird way. It just feels (as cringey as it sounds) that I am totally on the right track and have found my passion in life and I just want to keep doing it. I can truly say I have never found anything ‘career wise’ in my life that I have been like, ok yep this is what I want to do.. until I found YouTube and blogging. I’ve learned through this experience that it is okay to not know exactly what you want to do as a career because the chances are whatever you are meant to do will find you instead. 

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My advice to anyone who wants to start a blog or a YouTube channel or just anyone who wants to do something different that they are super passionate about it just START NOW! Start where you are, with what you have and trust your instincts. Believe in yourself and just go for it. You never know what you might get out of it if you don’t take the chance and that is the best decision I can say I have ever made was to just take a leap of faith and go for what my heart truly desires which is just to create things that make people happy and to work for myself. Obviously I still have a long way to go and this is just the beginning but I am totally ready to werrrrrrrk!

You can check out my latest YouTube video here – please feel free to Subscribe to my channel if you want to see more and be kept updated of when I post a new video! Also you can follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat: lucykennedy18 is my username :).

Thanks so much for reading and lots of love until next time,


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