Hello lovelies! Yep I’m still here. I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been so busy with my YouTube channel and then I went off to Cape Verde so I have had a little bit of time off from my blog but here I am back with a post all about Cape Verde! Since uploading my Cape Verde vlog to my YouTube channel I have had a lot of questions about what our hotel resort was like and what Cape Verde in general was like so I thought I would answer them here on my blog and also include a little lookbook of all the things I wore while I was away! I had filmed a full lookbook every night with the help of my inhouse photographer/videographer Kyle! Bless him. We raced every night to get ready before the sun went down in Cape Verde to get lookbook footage but unfortunately it gets dark very quickly after around 6pm which was usually when we were still getting ready. Some of the footage we got was great but the majority of the clips I felt the lighting was just too dark to include so unfortunately the lookbook has been put to one side just now and I will hopefully do another one soon where I have better lighting. For now, I will add all my pictures to the end of this post just to give you some inspo if you are still waiting on your holidays :).

All About Cape Verde!

So Cape Verde is a little collection of tiny islands on the coast of Africa, just down from the Canary Islands. There are two main islands you can fly to in Cape Verde, Sal or Boa Vista. Kyle and I stayed in the Riu Touareg Hotel which is in Boa Vista. First of all Cape Verde is really small. There are only 3 or 4 hotels on the island that I know about or heard of. Everywhere else is either beach, road or terrain. We saw a couple of tiny villages and the airport itself is absolutely tiny – it is all outside! It looks like a little sandcastle with a small park as a departure lounge. You can only fly to Cape Verde from certain airports as far as I know it’s Manchester, Birmingham or Stansted but don’t quote me as I might be wrong but that was the only flights I saw on the hotel board. Being in Scotland, our closest airport was Manchester so we travelled there and stayed overnight on the Wednesday as our flight was at 7:35am on the Thursday. The flight is around 6 hours 15mins roughly so it is a little bit long but I just take my kindle and headphones and Kyle downloaded some movies on his phone and the flight was actually fine. The Riu Touareg hotel is about 35mins from the wee airport and it is a very bumpy ride! You end up having to go off road and it is quite bumpy even on the coach but it’s not long so it’s okay. The hotel itself is absolutely amazing! I cannot recommend it highly enough. The staff are fantastic and work tirelessly to help everyone and keep the place super clean and tidy. It really is a beautiful (and huuuuge) hotel! The hotel has 3 pools, a swim up bar area, 2 main resteraunts and 3 speciality resteraunts, a spa with a sauna and jacuzzi, an art making area, a Pacha nightclub, a karaoke bar, 3 main bars and 3 pool bars, a huge stage/entertainment area, shops, a hair/nail salon and so much more! There is absolutely nothing outside the hotel at all other than the beach which is so beautiful, but there is genuinely nothing outside but the hotel has soooo many things as mentioned so you have everything you need right there. There are also loads of excursions as well that are offered at the hotel by Thomsons. From quad biking tours to multiple beach trips to turtle watching there is something for absolutely everyone. On the beach, every day we were there the red flag was up so it wasn’t recommended to go in the sea, the waves are huge and really choppy so it just isn’t safe to go further than just in a little tiny bit. There is a lifeguard on the beach most of the day but I really wouldn’t recommend going out into the sea. The food in the hotel was brilliant, probably the best food I have ever had in an all inclusive hotel. There was so much choice and the food was so super fresh. It was amazing that such an isolated hotel had so much fresh food and drink, there was never a shortage of anything and everything was always replenished so nothing was ever cold or crusty. Our room was beautiful and we had a lovely garden balcony which was great. The maids always left you a lovely display with your towels and the room was always spotless, they also left you fresh tea, coffee and big 2L bottles of water in your room each day. All in all I would totally recommend Cape Verde, especially if you are looking for a nice chilled out holiday then the Riu Touareg is absolutely perfect for that. We went for 10 nights thinking that would be plenty but we really wish we had went for 2 weeks! If you want to see my vlog of our holiday and hotel then you can check it out here!

My Holiday Lookbook – What I Wore In Cape Verde!

So all of my outfits with the exception of one dress were all from Pretty Little Thing! I just loved so much stuff on there that I bought most of it in one go. I just love Pretty Little Thing and really liked their summer wear. Don’t get me wrong I love ASOS, Missguided and more but for some reason I just stuck with PLT. I think next year I will make a concious effort to buy things from different shops just to give myself a bit of variety :)! Nonetheless here is some pictures of my outfits and what I wore. We were there for 10 nights but a couple of nights I just went really casual so I didn’t bother taking any lookbook pictures/footage on those nights. Some things may be out of stock now as a couple of things are from a while ago but I will link whatever is still in stock below the pictures! I hope this is helpful for some of you!

Coral Bodycon Dress – Primark

Yellow Bow Bardot Playsuit – PLT

Palm Print Playsuit – PLT

White Slinky Co-Ord – PLT (Skirt) & PLT (Top)

Pink Bardot Frill Dress – PLT

Beige Midi Skirt – PLT

Snake Print Bandeau Crop Top – PLT

I hope you enjoyed this post and it inspires you whether it be to try Cape Verde for your next holiday or just a lil bit of outfit inspo for your upcoming summer parties/holidays! Don’t forget you can keep up with me on social media and on YouTube! All of my links are in the right hand sidebar on a PC or at the bottom of the page on a mobile. Thank you so much for reading everyone! Lots of love until next time,



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