Hello loves. Welcome back! This post is for any of you who love road trippin’ in the summer. Whether you drive or your a passenger with your friends, it’s important to know how to stay safe and protect your car in the scorching summer months. Although you would tend to think your car would be more vulnerable in the cold, icy and snowy winter months, it is actually just as vulnerable in the hot weather which can be tough on your car and tyres. For this post I am teaming up with the lovely people at Fife Autocentre – tyre dealers & car servicing specialists, who are kindly sponsoring this very important post.


Kyle and I recently took a trip to the beach a few weeks ago when we had some amazing weather here in Scotland. The beach is quite a drive away from us, around 1 hour and 30mins drive and because everyone had the same idea as us, we got stuck in some pretty hefty motorway traffic. When we got back to the car from the beach to leave it was super hot so one thing we are definitely going to invest in is a windshield sunshade cover. You can buy these super cheap on Amazon and they fold away really easily so it is easy to store away in the car whenever you don’t need to use it. Another great idea to keep your cool when driving around in the summer is to stop  before your journey and buy a multipack of bottled water so you can stay hydrated, which is so important as we all know – especially if you get stuck in a long traffic jam in the blazing heat like us! Luckily we had some water to keep us cool.


A lot of people think that your car battery is only at risk in winter which is in fact not true. The summer heat can actually cause a lot more damage to your battery than you think and according to statistics, more car batteries fail in July than they do in January. In order to keep on top of this it is important to have regular maintenance checks by a trained professional and also to become familiar with your car’s handbook and understand what certain warning lights mean, especially if you are taking long trips away. You can also do a visual battery check, just be sure to always wear protective eyewear and remove all jewellery. Also remember to wear protective sleeves or a jacket incase of any leaking battery acid. Be sure to check if your battery is bulging, cracked or leaking at all and alert a trained mechanic as soon as possible to replace it for you. The hot summer weather can also encourage battery fluid to then evaporate faster so it is important to have this checked also.


Some people switch their tyres dependant on the seasons. Some bigger and bulkier tyres are used in winter to cope with snow and ice however they can become worn after all that hard work so it is important to ensure that you change your tyres to cope with the changing temperatures. With the hot weather coming in, it is important to always keep an eye on your tyre tread is within the legal limits (minimum 1.6mm) and also remember to check for any wear and tear, especially before going on any particularly long drives. Be sure to order tyres in Leven from Fife Autocentre. 

Thank you all so much for reading and I hope you all enjoyed this post. For any of you who don’t know, cars and road safety is something that is quite important to me, as my late Papa was very into cars and always encouraged tip top road safety, so I was excited to collaborate with Fife Autocentre on this post and hopefully you all found it useful! If you have any messages or queries as always feel free to drop me a message. You can also follow me on my social channels (buttons at the top right of the page on a PC or the bottom of the page on a mobile). Thanks so much for reading and lots of love until next time,



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