Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a fab Bank Holiday Monday and Happy 1st May! So today I wanted to talk a little bit about Reiki, a little spirituality 101 lesson if you will. As you all know I love all things spiritual and have been drawn right to them from a young age. I love the idea that everyone has a soul and the idea that we can heal ourselves with our thoughts and actions. I was introduced to Reiki a few years ago and had a few sessions of it and it really did wonders for me as I tend to get very stressed and anxious from time to time if my life becomes quite busy. Recently I have been feeling quite anxious and stressed, so I decided to go for a Reiki session yesterday with a lovely lady I found who lives locally to me and it was amazing and so interesting and insightful. I had mentioned to a few people that I was going for Reiki and was met by some funny looks so I thought I would explain a little bit about it here on my blog and give an insight into what Reiki can do.

So for those of you who have never heard of it before, Reiki is “a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.” The idea is that every soul on this earth has what are known as ‘spiritual chakras’ which are our centres of spiritual power within the body and they work in harmony with our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Each chakra has a representative colour and purpose. The chakras can become ‘blocked’ over time if we take on too much emotionally or physically. This can then have a huge effect on how we feel inside and how our soul copes with it both mentally and physically. The idea behind Reiki is that the healer uses channelled energy to clear and harmonise the chakras, therefore bringing a sense of calm, peace and wellbeing to the body once again. Of course I am no expert on this so please feel free to have a look at Celestine Vision’s page  for a more detailed explanation on each chakra and what they represent. I have also attached a picture below to give you a visual idea of the chakras!



Credit: Celestine Vision


Reiki is a very peaceful and calming experience, almost like a sort of meditation session. When receiving Reiki, you are fully clothed and the practitioner will use their hands only as a channel of energy over each chakra area of the body. The Reiki practitioner may place their hands on top of the chakra area to provide more intense healing but it is not invasive in any way at all. Normally soft, meditative music will be playing in the background. All you have to do is sit or lie back and relax while they get to work on healing those chakras! Reiki can have powerful results on many different emotional and physical ailments from anxiety and depression to physical pains or illnesses. Of course, Reiki is in no way an instant fix or a medical sort of practice, it is purely homeopathic, so therefore it shouldn’t be relied on for any type of healing for a serious illness and you should always consult your doctor/GP regarding any health issues as well. Reiki simply helps with the process and can be extremely calming and relaxing which helps the mental wellbeing side of things.


Credit: www.purplempathy.co.uk

So I hope you all found this post helpful and got some decent insight from it as to what Reiki actually is because from what I see and hear, it is a topic that generally a lot of people don’t know much about. I personally highly recommend Reiki as a wonderful practice if you are looking for some time for yourself just to bring about some peace and relaxation and work through any anxieties or emotional stress you have. I understand not everyone believes in this sort of thing but I truly do and I always say it is worth a try even if you don’t believe in it, what have you got to lose? It is so relaxing that I even dozed off for a couple of minutes and I feel so much lighter and rested today. Long may it continue! Please feel free to message me on any of my social media channels if you have any questions about Reiki and I would be more than happy to help and answer them! Thanks so much for reading and lots of love until next time,



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