Hi loves! So I often get questions from people asking for advice on how to look after your hair and what my tips are for growing it. I’m going to be doing an updated post very soon on how I have grown my hair over the past two years which will be a lot more detailed however I thought today I would talk specifically about coconut oil and how I’ve used it in growing my hair and getting it super healthy again. 

So for the past few years now I’ve been using coconut oil to condition and grow my hair. It is super simple and easy to create your very own coconut oil hair mask and it costs next to nothing but has amazing results. All you have to do is take a 50p size piece and then rub it together in your hands to make it melt. The coconut oil should be 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and it will be pressed so it will have a thick, white paste like consistency. A lot of people get put off by this and think they have bought the wrong thing but don’t worry, it’s supposed to be like that. I got my coconut oil in Home Bargains for around £4 and it has lasted me over a year now and is still going strong! 

All you need to do is use the heat of your hands to warm it up and it will melt completely and turn into an oil consistency. Then I just tip my head upside down and massage the coconut oil into my roots whilst my head is upside down which is known as The Inversion Method. The idea is that the blood rushes to your head with it being upside down and gives the hair follicles a boost to encourage growth. I don’t have any recent before and after pictures because as I said I’m going to be doing a far more in depth post very soon, however here is a before and after of my hair from December 2015 to December 2016. I honestly totally credit this growth to coconut oil and the Inversion Method! 

After using the Inversion Method I then lift my head and use around a 20p size of coconut oil mixed with a little Argan oil (mine is just the Hask one from Primark which I’ve mentioned a few times on here) and it just really coats your ends and gets rid of any dryness. Once your hair is literally soaking in oil, scrape it up into a high bun and twist your hair round into a ballerina bun, then tie it with a hair tie or grips and sleep with it like that overnight. 
In the morning I like to leave it in for a couple of extra hours if I have the time then I just wash my hair as normal. Sometimes I shampoo it twice just to really get rid of all the oil. I find this method has really worked so well for me and has definitely helped my hair grow and get stronger and also look a lot more shiny and smooth. Hopefully this helps some of you and you can give it a try and see how you like it. 

So that’s all for today gals, thank you so much for reading and don’t forget to follow me on social media – you can find my buttons to them either on the right hand side on a PC or Mac or at the bottom of the page on a mobile. Also don’t forget to follow me on Snapchat to keep up with what I’m doing daily – my username is lucykennedy18. Lots of love until next time,

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