Hi everyone! I want to start off by saying I am sooo sorry that there was no post up last week. I will explain all in this post today and update you all on my new skincare regime and 3 amazing little gems that I found for skincare that are 100% natural and vegan and have literally transformed my skin in such a short period of time. They have healed my skin so much over the past week and I am so excited to have found them!

So I had went to the doctors during last week and mentioned my skin was being quite troublesome for which he prescribed an antibiotic gel called Duac. I had heard from a few friends that it was excellent and had cleared their skin right up so I was very hopeful. However, unfortunately it made my skin worse and I took some form of allergic reaction to it. It made my skin burn and itch and it also came out in a bad rash which went all the way up to my hairline. My face was also very sore, dry, tender and puffy after just two light uses of the cream. A lot of people said to try and persevere with the gel but I physically couldn’t it was so painful and in my opinion, not worth the mess it was making. My skin looked ten times worse than it was before I even used the gel so I immediately stopped using it. Duac comes in different strengths I believe but it has one main component called Benzoyl Peroxide which I have now researched and found out that the majority of people with sensitive skin like myself are allergic to it. I spoke to my local chemist who confirmed that I should stop using the gel immediately which I did and it left a horrible mess. If you follow me on Snapchat you will know I had a bit of a meltdown over my skin when it reacted like that because it just affected my confidence so so much more. My skin has been playing up for maybe around 2 years now and I just reached a point last week where I was so fed up and frustrated with it and not having any relief.

I have recently started doing a lot of research into plant based healing for the skin both in diet and skincare. I have been coming across a lot of videos recently on YouTube about this so it seems that this is definitely not a new thing so apologies if you already know about this – I’m just a little late to the party but still equally as excited about it! Although I need to do much more research into the diet side of things, I have found some fantastic natural, plant based skincare which I have trialled for over a week now and WOW. What a difference. 

I have also decided to stop using make-up wipes once and for all and only using them for stubborn mascara and that’s it. I’ve always loved Garnier Micellar Water but was sometimes reluctant to use it because I found it a bit of a messy process and would always revert back to the quickness and easiness of make-up wipes as a result. Well Garnier must have read my mind because now they have a Micellar Gel which is honestly amazing I cannot recommend it enough for removing your make-up girls! I have been using it for over a week now and I love how clean and soft it makes my skin feel! It is very pure and natural and is fragrance free plus suitable to use all over your face including your eyes and lips. You can get the Micellar gel in most drugstores now I believe and also perhaps your local supermarket in the beauty and make-up section. I picked mine up in Tesco and it was £4. The next little tool I have been using to remove my make-up which I totally believe has played a huge part in healing it so quickly is this amazing Konjac sponge from Eco Tools. I had never heard of this before but my friend in work got me it when she heard about my skin troubles. Girls this sponge is like nothing I have ever used before. I had never heard of it before but it is completely natural and vegan which is great. The components are actually used as a vegan substitute in some vegan food dishes so you know it is 100% natural and safe to use on the face. The sponge is hard and like an egg sort of shape when you get it, it feels a bit like hard foam or polystyrene. All you have to do is hold in under running water for a few seconds and it completely softens and you are supposed to just gently exfoliate the sponge over your face or use it accompanied by your favourite mild cleanser (in my case the Micellar gel). It feels so incredible and isn’t abrasive or rough in anyway at all. It is very suitable and designed for sensitive skin especially and really does well in removing any make-up, dirt or debris on the skin. Since using these two products together, the redness in my skin has completely calmed down, my spots have shrunk away and my skin feels soft and smooth. As I said mine is one from the brand Eco Tools. It is £5.32 and it says if you look after it the sponge can last up to 3 months. There are also loads of other Konjac sponges on the market, some infused and created with skin boosting natural components such as green tea and charcoal so it is worth having a little browse online and seeing which once suits you best but I highly recommend the Eco Tools one it is fabulous.


So finally now onto the 2 amazing little products I found when I was looking for raw, natural skincare products whilst doing my research online. As I said I have been researching a lot into plant based skincare and in particular plant oils. I then came across a small online business called Lyon’s Leaf. Lyon’s Leaf was created by Ben and Vicky Lyons and their products are made on a small farm in Somerset in England using home-grown ingredients. I read a load of their reviews and finally settled for their ‘Beauty Balm’ and ‘Calendula Cream’.

They are both completely natural and plant based and designed to calm and soothe the skin whilst not causing any harm or problems. The beauty balm can be used with a Muslin cloth and used to ‘oil cleanse’ the skin. The calendula cream is a natural emollient that can be used to calm and nourish the skin and is rated super highly by psoriasis, acne and exczema sufferers. The reviews on their website completely sold me and I’m so glad I purchased them. I purchased their trial sizes for only £1.99 and they are the perfect size, I have been using them for a week now and still have loads left. If you feel like you have tried everything and want to try something new I highly recommend these little gems. I must also say this is not an Ad or sponsored in any way by Lyon’s Leaf at all. I found and bought these myself just incase anyone is wondering.

So I hope this is in some way helpful to you all or anyone who is suffering from any skin related issues! If you have any questions about it or want to know more don’t be afraid to drop me a message. Also feel free to follow me on social media to keep up with what I’m up to (buttons are at the top right on a PC or at the bottom of the page on a mobile). Thanks so much for reading and lots of love until next time,


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