Hello everyone! So today is such a special day for me – because exactly 1 year ago to this day, I sat down and wrote my first ever blog post. I had zero idea what I was doing or if it would even become anything, I just really  wanted a little hobby for myself to be honest. I never thought for one minute it would become my biggest passion and turn out to be what I want to do as a career. 

For those of you who don’t know, I went to college from 2013-2015 where I graduated with an HND in Media and Communication which I loved so much. The course covered all aspects of media such as film and radio production, media law, photography, creative writing, writing for the media, film theory and loads more! Believe it or not, I actually had to make my blog for a class at college just as an extra, fun assignment but I never posted anything because I had no idea how to or what I was doing. I’ve always wanted to work for myself and do something creative and my whole life I’ve always loved to write and had a real passion for it! All of my family will tell you whenever someone asked me what I wanted to do when I was older I would always reply, “an author”. Writing and telling stories just came naturally to me from a really young age, so I decided to start my blog to use my knowledge and skills from college and just give it a try and share my beauty and fashion finds in the process. I would say after the first month or two I was hooked. I started to learn so much and teach myself how to ‘blog’ properly and something in me really changed. 

I knew as soon as I started that I wanted to do this forever. I wanted to write and create and share my knowledge with other people and connect with girls all over the world through our love for beauty, fashion, make-up and just life in general! It sounds sooooo cheesy but I feel like I’ve finally found my calling in life and my ‘purpose’ career wise. As I said before, I was never 100% sure about what I was ‘supposed’ to be doing – however I always had faith that it would come to me eventually and lo and behold it has! I’m really proud of how far I’ve come in a year but I also know I have a longgg way to go until I’m where I want to be. I have so many big plans, hopes and dreams for my blog and although I know they won’t happen overnight, I do know that with hard work and baby steps everyday I will achieve my goals. 

Finally, I just want to finish this birthday blog post by saying the biggest, most heartfelt thank you to every single one of you who reads my blog. I have the most lovely, sweet girls who follow me on Snapchat and other social media channels who send me the loveliest messages and show me so much love and support all the time and if you are one of them then again – THANK YOU SO MUCH. I say it all the time from the bottom of my heart I am so incredibly grateful for you all. Aside from finding out that blogging and creating is what I want to do, one thing I’ve always said since the beginning is, even if just one person reads my posts and enjoys them, then I’ve done what I set out to achieve, so the fact that so many of you are out there reading them and taking an interest just blows my mind. 

I really hope you all continue to enjoy my posts and I promise to always strive to make this blog and anything else I do for you all the absolute best it can be. Have a great weekend. Lots of love until next time,

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