Hello everyone! Welcome back. So this post is for all of you acrylic nail lovers like myself! As I’ve mentioned before, a fun fact about me is that I always have my acrylic nails done no matter what, when or where. I physically can’t stand the sight of my own nails, it’s become like a weird phobia type thing. Well not quite a phobia but it just makes me feel weird not having the acrylics on! Anyways, sometimes when having acrylics on, they look fab when they are freshly done but after around 2-3 weeks they can start to go discoloured, the nails will grow up from the nail bed looking uneven and unnatural and the shape of them might become a bit less prominent. Most people go and get their acrylics ‘infilled’ but that can be costly for both money and time so I wanted to show you the quick and easy way I’ve learned to fill them in myself and get so much longer out of acrylics, without spending any money and also making them look fab! 

What you will need –
* Nail Polish Remover 

* Cotton Balls/Pads

* A curved nail file

* A nail polish of your choice

* Clear top coat nail polish (if you need it)


Step 1 –

Remove the original polish that is currently on your nails by soaking a cotton ball/pad and gently removing the colour. Don’t rub too hard on the nails as you don’t want the acrylic to dissolve due to the acetone and alcohol in the nail polish remover. Then take your curved nail file and begin to file and shape your acrylics at the top and round the sides to get them back into the desired shape you want and also to make them more sharp and straight as they can become rounded after time due to daily tasks such as tapping on a keyboard for example.


Step 2 –

File the bottom of the acrylic where there is a ‘bump’ or ridge and the nail has grown up the natural nail creating a contrast between the real nail and the acrylic (as shown below). Position the file so not to cut or irritate the skin so you are only getting the acrylic nail and buff gently back and forth to ‘sand’ down the bump until it’s smooth and flat, whilst avoiding filing the actual whole acrylic.

Step 3 –

Once the ‘bump’ contrast is all filed down and smooth, you are ready to re-paint the nails. I love this gorgeous one from Miss Sporty which I’ve mentioned on here and my Snapchat/Instagram before because it’s genuinely so good! It’s the Miss Sporty ‘Lasting Colour Gel Shine’ nail polish in the colour ‘6257’ (it doesn’t appear to have a name on it sorry gals!). It’s only £2.99 and is genuinely so nice and easy to apply plus it’s very fast drying. It says on the bottle it lasts for up to 10 days and I can 100% agree and vouch for that. It stays shiny the whole time so I’m not going to bother with a top coat, however I would encourage if you are using another nail polish or brand to use a top coat for that fresh out the salon shine.

So there we have it ladies my little routine to make your acrylics last longer and revive them with a lil bit of TLC and attention. I think this is a great thing to do if you don’t want to spend loads of times a month in the son getting your colour changed or a, plus it will save you money too! Here is a picture of my nails before when they had grown up and the top coat was discoloured and peeling and then after and now they are fresh, sharp and shiny! The best part about it is it only cost me no more than £4 to basically get a fresh set of acrylics! 

Thanks so much for reading and remember you can keep up to date with me on social media via the buttons at the bottom on a mobile or right hand side of the page on a PC/laptop. Lots of love until next time,

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