Hi guys, I hope you are all doing well! So as some of you may know, I am very interested in all things spirituality based, including crystals and natural and holistic forms of healing. A few months ago, I was introduced to Himalayan Salt and all of the different forms it comes in and the health benefits of it. I had never heard of Himalayan Salt before and once I read up on it I was so intrigued. Himalayan Salt originates from Pakistan and is mined 310 kilometres from the Himalayan mountains. It is available in many different forms but the most popular is in table salt, candle holder or lamp form. The lamp or candle holder is essentially a large chunk of rock that has been chiseled into shape and is normally a light pink/peach colour. 

At Christmas, Kyle gave me a Himalayan Salt Lamp and one of my best friends gave me a Himalayan Salt tea light holder as well and both of them are absolutely gorgeous. I love the fact that as well as having so many health benefits, they also look so pretty and bring such a lovely, calming and peaceful light to the room. It’s fair to say I am pretty much obsessed with them! I have posted various pictures on Snapchat of my salt lamp and my candle since I got them and I got loads of questions about what they were. A lot of my family and friends had also never heard of them before either and were really intrigued, so I thought today I would bring you a little post telling you everything I have learned about them and how you can benefit from having one in your home.


Many sources claim that a Himalayan Salt lamp can help to purify the air around it. This is because the salt is what is known as ‘hygroscopic’ which means it naturally attracts water. Due to there being an element of water vapour present within the air around us which carries thing like bacteria and dust, this is then attracted by the lamp and into the salt so therefore takes the particles out of the air and in turn helps to purify it and aid breathing and reduce symptoms of allergies and asthma. Actually, the first time I actually heard about the salt related therapy is when I saw a friend on Facebook check in at a ‘clinic’ here in Glasgow called Salann Halotherapy which offers the chance to use their ‘salt rooms’ to help with a wide range of respiratory and dermatological health problems. I must say, I haven’t visited before and I am not sure what type of salt they use however reading through their website, it appears to be the same type of theory as the benefits of Himalayan Salt. Of course I am not a professional or expert on this at all so if you would like to check out their website for more information you can do so here. (I should mention that this is not an ad or sponsor this is just a place I had come across and made aware of via Facebook).


There is evidence that I have read up on that apparently Himalayan Salt lamps emit what are called negative ions – which is a bit beyond my knowledge to be honest, but from what I’ve learned basically there are positive and negative ions in the environment. Positive ions are produced from mostly all of our electrical appliances (which we use every day so that’s a lot of positive ions) and even in wind and storms outside. Positive ions are not good for the environment and can cause problems in mood, can cause respiritory and concentration problems and various other health issues. However, Himalayan Salt lamps are known to emit negative ions which in turn counteract the positive ions and absorb their bad qualities making them less harmful. I will admit that I am in no way an expert on this so I hope it is making sense. If you would like to know more on this particular benefit there are loads of articles and YouTube videos that can give you a proper insight and explanation into the exact science of it all. I just like the idea that something is protecting my environment from anything harmful. 


The fact that the salt lamp has such a lovely colour and warm glow instantly contributes to relaxing you and helping you feel better. I know that when I have mine on it just makes my room feel so calm and peaceful and acts as a lovely night light if you don’t want a harsh and bright one on. Also, due to the health benefits the salt provides it has been known to actually boost people’s energy levels because they aren’t feeling as groggy or under the weather as before with respiratory or allergy problems etc.

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So I just thought I would share my little lamp and candle holder with you all since I have had so many questions on it. As I say, I am not an expert or health professional, I have just done my own research into this amazing product and believe in the results. There are so many more health benefits reported about these wonderful lamps so definitely look them up if you would like to know a bit more in depth information. The thing is they aren’t expensive at all too, only around £10-15 on Amazon which is great. One thing I will say is, if you do purchase one, put something underneath it like a small towel or kitchen roll. Due to the fact the lamp attracts water vapour it then processes this and sometimes ‘sweats’ or ‘leaks’ a slight but of water underneath if it’s been on for a while but nothing major. 

I really hope you all enjoyed this post and have a lovely weekend. As always be sure to sign up for e-mail updates for instant notification of when I post, or feel free to follow me on any of my social media channels via the buttons to the right hand side on a PC or bottom of the page on a mobile. Thanks so much for reading and lots of love until next time,

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