So if any of you know me well by now you might know that I have a sliiiight obsession with a certain YouTuber called Carli Bybel! I have been watching Carli’s videos since she started way back in 2011 and in all honesty I credit her both to me learning how to do my own make-up properly and also inspiring me to take the plunge and start my blog almost a year ago. I also love how Carli is such a positive soul and enjoy how she always starts each of her videos with an inspirational quote which has such a positive impact on me and other people watching I’m sure. I love any collaboration Carli does with any brand, including her clothing one with Missguided where I bought my Rose Gold Bomber, and I just knew that her collaboration on this palette with BH Cosmetics would be up to the same standards. The palette has actually been out for quite some time now so I am a bit late to the game but the only reason is I struggled to find it online. When I got an e-mail last week from Beauty Bay to say they had stocked up on the palettes, I jumped at the chance and ordered right away. Carli did mention in one of her videos recently that the palette will soon be discontinued as well so I was pretty eager to get my hands on it.

carli bybel

Well what can I say, as you can see the palette is absolutely glorious and did not disappoint. The packaging is stunning and I like how it comes with a protective sleeve and a hard cover. When you open it up, as you can see there is a quote that Carli chose saying “aspire to inspire” which I love. I also love how it is right under the handy mirror within the palette so serves as a positive reminder every time you look at it. The palette features 10 eye shadows and 4 amazing highlighters. The eye shadows are a mixture of five matte and five shimmer shades which are a combination of light and darker tones and there is a different highlighter to suit every skin tone or look you want to achieve. I have included pictures below and swatches of each eye shadow just so you can get an idea of what they look like on the skin. I am not kidding when I say these shadows are genuinely so pigmented and the texture is like very smooth! The fact they are so pigmented means a little goes a really long way and will last you ages which is always what you are after. The light tones are beautiful and the darker shadows are perfect for creating a perfect smoky eye. The highlighters are all equally as gorgeous and pigmented. The light tones are my favourite for highlighting the cheekbones, cupids bow, brow bone and the bridge/tip of the nose whereas the more bronze and gold shades are nice over bronzer or could even act as a double up for eye shadow. In saying that to be honest, the highlight shades are all suitable to be used as nice shimmering eye shadows.





Now for the eye look! (Side note – If you are reading this today on Friday 27th January, you can watch a full tutorial on how I created this look plus also how I do a full face glam over on my Snapchat – lucykennedy18 where it will be up until tomorrow Saturday 28th til around 3pm).

So normally I always go for brown or gold smokes but I really love the rose gold shadow tones of this palette but with the cranberry shade to smoke out the eye which is my favourite of the matte shades. I thought this would be the perfect ‘date night’ look because it is soft but still has the red and pink smokey tones as well. I didn’t bother with eyelashes but of course included my everyday slay winged liner (I feel weird without it)! If you are looking for a tutorial on how to create the perfect winged liner I have a step by step tutorial post here if you want to check it out. So as always I started by applying my foundation and concealer as a base and setting the lids with some loose powder. Then I do my eyebrows – I get HD brows so they are quite defined already – I also have a post on that here if you fancy a read. Although my brows are quite defined I do like to fill them in a bit with some Tinted Brow Mascara from MUA for Superdrug in the colour Mid Brown and it is only £2! I think it is honestly such a good product and a pretty good dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade. I just use a small angled Real Techniques definer brush and pick up some of the product from the brow mascara wand (a little goes a long way). Using a light hand I carve out my brows and gently fill them in. If you make any mistakes or smudges this stuff is really easy to wipe off with a clean and dry finger or a little touch of concealer to tidy the brows up however it does dry matt so your brows stay on all day long without fail without looking ‘drawn on’.

 Next I start with the ‘transition’ shade for my shadow and here I used a mixture of the dark nude matte shade from the palette and also a little bit of my bronzer Rimmel Sun Shimmer in ‘Medium Matte’. Creating a transition shade is one of the most important steps for any eye look in my opinion. What you want to do is, use a large fluffy blending brush (I use one that I got in a set from Amazon because it is literally my fave out of all the ones I have tried) and a very light hand to sweep the transition colour over the crease of the lid. I always take my transition shade just above my crease to the very bottom of the brow bone. I feel like this opens up the eyes a bit and creates more definition, especially if you choose to highlight the brow bone. I also use any excess of the shadow for my transition shade and sweep this under my lower lash line, again for more definition and to start creating the smokey effect. Next I use a flat shadow brush from Real Techniques to pack colour onto the lid. Here I used the pink/rose gold shimmer colour from the palette and the 2nd rose gold highlighter shade. I packed the colour over the whole eyelid and brought it right into the inner corners. Then what I like to do is take the fluffy blending brush again and just really lightly sweep it all over the eye in a circular blending/rotating motion to blend the colours nicely. It is important to remember the best thing to do when creating any sort of eye look – especially a smokey one – to blend, blend and blend some more!

 After I have done this, I pick up the dark cranberry shade on a smaller blending brush and starting at the outer corners, blend the colour into the crease where we have the transition shade. Here it is important to use a light hand and only pick up a small amount of eye shadow, building the intensity as you go until it is as dark and smokey as you desire. Then, just like the transition shade I take the excess cranberry shade on the brush and blend it under the lower lash line to ‘smoke’ the whole eye out. You can also maybe use a bit of brown or black shadow on top (just a tiny bit) to make the look extra smokey. Next I do my winged eyeliner using the Soap and Glory ‘Supercat’ liner. I then like to use just plain black pencil eyeliner in my water line just to add a bit more intensity but this is completely optional. To finish off the look I added a few coats of my favourite mascara, ‘They’re Real’ by Benefit to my top and bottom lashes and voila! The look is complete!

eyeliner look

So I hope you all enjoyed this post and found it useful. I love this palette and will always be a major supporter and cheerleader of anything Carli Bybel does, so if you want to check her channel out you can do so simply by typing in ‘Carli Bybel’ on YouTube. If anyone has any suggestions for any other posts please let me know. I am also planning another ‘blogging’ project where I hope to post twice a week occasionally, one normal beauty, fashion, lifestyle or fitness post on a Friday as always but then occasionally a ‘Let’s Talk About…’ post where I will discuss topics that people might struggle with, offering my tips, advice and experiences on the subject. I plan to talk about a wide range of topics such as acne, body confidence, relationships, periods, anxiety, bullying etc. If there are any topics you would like me to talk about specifically, please don’t hesitate to drop me a message on any of my social media platforms or via e-mail (this can be found in my ‘Contact’ section of the Menu). As always if you would like to keep up to date with me and what I am up to, my social media channel buttons are at the very bottom of the page on a mobile or on the right-hand sidebar on a PC or laptop. Thanks so much for reading and lots of love until next time,


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