Hi loves! Welcome back. Today’s blog post is going to be some handy tips and advice on how to get out of a gym and healthy eating rut. I really struggled there after Christmas because I hadn’t been going to the gym as regularly as I used to and was only going to a class a week maybe the whole of November and then December I didn’t go to anything the whole month and was back to eating whatever I wanted. Then take into account the numerous pigs in blankets consumed at all the Christmas and New Year family dinners and around 50 million profiteroles and I was well and truly ‘off the wagon’ as they call it. So I really had to physically push and motivate myself somehow to get back onto my A game with healthy eating and working out and I thought I would share with you all today what I did to get me out of my little temporary plateau.


 I always find the best way to achieve a new goal that you have set for yourself is to write it down and plan it out. I always write down my goals, dreams and plans because I just feel like seeing them down on paper in black and white really motivates me and is almost like my way of affirming to myself that this is my intention and I am going to stick to it! It also gives you a clear view and focus of exactly what you need to do to help yourself get to that point. I like to break things down into days or smaller tasks instead of piling a ton of pressure on to get everything done at once. So for example I created a little weekly/daily plan of what I am going to do each day at the gym, e.g. Monday – arms and back workout, Tuesday – leg and ab workout, Wednesday – cardio class. Write down all of the things you want to achieve from eating healthy and working out so if you have a target weight in mind or the body shape you are going for, if you want to be more toned or if you are looking to just improve your overall health and fitness levels. Writing it down just majorly helps to make you feel more organised and motivated to achieve what you are setting out to do and is the best first step you can take.



I always see a lot of ‘meal plans’ floating around online that you can buy or in even in magazines and 9 times out of 10 they are always soooo generic and boring in my opinion! “A bowl of porridge in the morning with a handful of berries, fish and steamed veg for lunch, chicken and veg for dinner and a handful of cashew nuts as a snack with 2L of water throughout the day.” If I had a pound for every time I have seen that exact meal plan I would be rich! Not only is it really mundane and boring, it is also too generic and vague as well. Not everyone likes porridge or nuts or fish. You have to decide what is right for you personally and just keep in mind that it is all about balance. If you come up with your own meal plan or healthy eating options it is a lot easier when you go to the shop for food because that way you don’t end up picking up junk food because you get overwhelmed and don’t know what you are buying. So what I do to make life easier is I write out a list for each ‘eating time’ of the day so a list of Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners and then Drinks/Snacks. Then I just refer back to those lists and pick and choose what I fancy that week so I don’t get sick of eating the same foods over and over again. As I said, remember it is all about balance and incorporating all the different food groups but also remembering not to deprive yourself of treats when you need them. (Also please let me know if you would like me to do a post on some of the healthy meals and healthy snacks that I have if any of you are looking for inspiration!)



So I would say I definitely find most of my inspiration for healthy living and working out through YouTube. There are so many fitness channels and healthy eating channels who post informative weekly and sometimes daily videos to help you and I think they are so motivating and helpful. Some of my favourite lifestyle/health channels are Sam Ozkural, Lucy Wyndham-Read and my ultimate favourite recently Sarahs Day, who does amazing healthy eating and work out vlogs. I also love Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration pictures and motivational quotes as well. Another thing that I find motivates me is downloading my favourite music wether its some old classics or the newest songs that are out in that moment, I always feel like knowing I have good music to listen to makes me look forward to the gym even more!



Sometimes it is hard to go to the gym or a fitness class yourself or stay on track of your healthy eating goals, so a good idea is to find a ‘fitness buddy’ in either your friend, boyfriend or girlfriend, family member or work colleague. The purpose of this is to encourage and motivate each other to stick to your goals and also make the process more enjoyable. I love going to the gym with one of my girls or going to a fitness class with them so we can push each other when we feel too tired or unmotivated to work out. Having someone else on the same journey as you makes you feel less alone on it all and more likely to do well and also makes you look forward to working out as it becomes less of a chore and more of a social thing so you get to catch up with friends whilst getting fit!



When it comes to healthy eating and going to the gym it is supposed to release ‘happy’ and ‘feel good’ endorphins but lets be honest, sometimes it is bloody hard! I try to avoid takeaways as much as possible but one thing I do is if the time comes to have one.. (or two.. or three..) I don’t beat myself up about it. I think I have mentioned in a post before I always try to live by the 5:2 rule so eat as healthy and clean as possible for 5 days then at the weekend I relax a little and maybe have a takeaway or a meal out with Kyle and I never ever feel bad for it. The way I see it is, if you work out all week and eat healthy you should reward yourself, one takeaway or bad meal or chocolate cake is not going to undo all your hard work and it is better for you to treat yourself. If you deprive yourself of everything it will make you crave it more and you will be more likely to fall off the wagon. Also don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t make it to the gym or a class. Obviously you should always try your best to stick to routine and go when you can but if you wake up really sore and tired or are unwell and need rest then have the rest! Rest and restoration is key when it comes to achieving the results you want so it is important to make sure your body is getting enough of it so it can repair itself and your muscles etc. instead of being hard on yourself! Another great benefit of going to the gym is that it is the perfect excuse to go shopping – treat yourself to some new gym gear or a new pair of trainers to motivate yourself – this is something I find always motivates me! Remember what they say, “shopping is the best form of cardio” ;).


So those are my little tips and advice on how to get back on track if you are in a bit of a health and fitness slump or even if you want to start a health kick for the first time! Hopefully you found this post helpful and enjoyed reading it. If you did, be sure to follow me on social media via the buttons at either the bottom of the page on a mobile or on the right hand sidebar on a PC. Also you can keep up with me on Snapchat where I post daily pictures and chatty mini vlogs about beauty, fitness, fashion and just my life in general, my username is lucykennedy18. Thanks so much for reading and lots of love until next time,


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