Hi everyone! Welcome back. Today I wanted to share with you all my hair care routine and the products/methods I use to keep my hair as healthy as possible and prevent damage. I guess you could say it will also feature a little mini review as well of the new Sleep-In Rollers Blow Dry Brush Set I mentioned in my post a couple of weeks ago that I picked up at the Girls’ Day Out. So I won’t go into detail but most of you know I have been making a real effort to grow my long and thick hair back after it all snapped around two years ago. Luckily it is all coming back to me and is at a fabulous length again which is great. I am going to do a post on my updated ‘hair journey’ sometime in the New Year as I’m not quite where I want to be with it just yet. If you want to read my first Hair Journey post feel free to here.

Normally, I try to avoid washing my hair too much so I don’t wash out the natural oils which are vital to your hair if it is dry or damaged. I only wash my hair once or twice a week maximum which might be a bit gross to some people but genuinely you don’t even have to wash your hair more than once or twice a week because it actually isn’t that good for it and it saves you using heat on it as well. The night before I know I am going to wash my hair I like to do a nice hair mask just using good old Coconut Oil. I get the coconut oil and rub it between my hands so that it goes from solid to liquid and I run it all through my hair from the roots to the ends. Then I massage my scalp for around 3-4 minutes with the coconut oil to get the blood flowing which apparently is a good way to increase growth because you are stimulating the scalp and hair follicles. When I’m finished doing that I just pull it all up into a high bun and leave it in overnight whilst I sleep.

In the morning when I go to shower, I start by rinsing all of the coconut oil out of my hair. Then I use my absolute fave shampoo & conditioner combo which I have mentioned a few times and that is the TreSemme Botanique range. It has coconut milk in it and not only does it smell incredible, it gives your hair an amazing silky feel and shine to it. My hair literally has improved so much and doesn’t look as dry at the ends since I started using those products. Whilst I am in the shower, I always take in my wide tooth comb and comb the conditioner through my hair. I then leave it on for about 5 minutes just to give the hair a good, deep conditioning. I then rinse it thoroughly and what I then like to do once all the conditioner is out is I like to blast my hair with super cold water, well as cold as I can handle. This closes all the hair follicles and reduces breakage or shedding. It also makes your hair that little bit shinier I feel as well. I like to squeeze the excess water out of my hair and then brush through it all gently with the wide tooth comb or my tangle teezer whilst the hair is wet. I don’t use a towel on my hair anymore when I come out the shower as the towel drying process can make your hair prone to frizz and breakage if your rubbing it against the towel so I avoid this at all costs. 

Once I’ve combed or brushed through all my hair to get out any knots or tangles, I like to use this time to put any products in my hair while it’s damp and can absorb them a bit before I use the hairdryer. Firstly, I use a heat protectant, my favourite one is the Aussie Take The Heat Protector which I’ve mentioned a few times on here I’m sure, all of the Aussie products just smell amazing and they are really good too. Next I use an oil on my hair such as Morrocan or Argan Oil. My two favourites that I alternate between are the Hask Morrocan Oil or the got2b Oilicious Argan Oil. Both are so fab and make your hair feel and smell incredible whilst repairing any damaged ends. I never forget this step and I focus the oil through the middle and ends of my hair whilst making sure to run the remainder through the roots (just the excess though to prevent greasy roots, just enough to give the top of the hair some shine).

Once I’ve done all that I will let my hair air dry with the products and oil on for about an hour or even a bit longer if I have time. This reduces the amount of heat you need to use on your hair with the hairdryer since it ends up pretty much almost dry. So then once it’s partially dry, it’s time to get blow drying! I’ve been wanting a good set of blow dry brushes for ages now so that I can at least try to give my hair a bit of a ‘professional’ style blow dry at home instead of just getting them once a month by my hairdresser when I get my hair done. When I was at the Girls’ Day Out you probably all saw on my post that I picked up a set of 4 blow dry brushes of different sizes from the Sleep-In Rollers stand. They are so chic and pretty with the hot pink and black detail and they come in a lovely lil pink, durable carrier as well with a drawstring so they are easily transportable. These brushes are so fab and so so easy to use gals honestly! Literally one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time. I am able to give myself a really decent blow dry with them for doing it myself. 

So what I do is section my hair and clip away the pieces I’m not using. Then I take chunks of hair about 1-2 inches thick and start to work on it with one of the brushes. I use the smaller sized ones for the bottom hair of my hair and the medium and large brushes for the roots of my hair because you all know how much I love my volume!!!! The technique with these brushes is to curl the hair under and continuously rotate your hand and the brush whilst using your hairdryer on the highest heat with a nozzle on pointing down the way. This will create a nice subtle bit of volume and flick. It is soooo important to use a nozzle on your hairdryer because it dries the cuticles of the hair down flat which means no frizz, compared to when you don’t use a nozzle the cuticles all stick up in a static fashion. If you want to check out these brushes you can do so here

Once I’m finished I just use a tiny bit more oil and run it through my whole head, flip my hair upside down, give it a shake and I’m good to go. I barely ever use straighteners or curlers on my hair at all now as I try to use as little heat as possible and by using this blow drying technique I haven’t had to straighten or curl my hair unless it’s just a couple of little front pieces of hair which is great. So I hope you all enjoyed this post gals and picked up some useful tips and advice. As I said I will be doing an updated hair journey post in the very near future because I’m soooo happy with the progress of it in the past year. Be sure to follow me on social media if your new and you enjoy my posts! Thanks so much for reading lovelies and lots of love until next time, 


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