Hello everyone! Welcome back. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, I certainly did! If any of you follow me on any of my social media accounts then you will probably know I spent most of my weekend at the Girls Day Out Show at Glasgow’s SECC. Wow, what an event! I genuinely had the best time so I thought I would do a full blog post all about it and what I got up to.

On Friday I brought my cousin, Abigail along with me and we had the best time. We got there just in time for the whole show to open and it was officially opened by Mark Wright! We took a big walk around all of the stalls and there was literally SO many exhibitors, over 200 infact! What I would say is, if you love all things hair and beauty and girly then this is definitely the place for you so if you didn’t get a chance to go this year then definitely keep it in mind for next year.


As soon as I walked through the door, I spied this absolutely stunning pom-pom beanie which was covered in diamonds so of course I just had to have it! I have a nice fur cape the same colour so I will definitely be sporting them throughout winter! I bought it from a little stand for a company called Love Diva Boutique who were so lovely and had some really nice pieces and had the hat I purchased in a few different colours as well including black and silver so if you fancy one for yourself these are your ladies! The pom pom is also detachable so if that isn’t your scene you can always remove it if you wanted to.


One of my favourite stands of the whole weekend were the Sleep-In Rollers stand where they were doing two gift sets for £10 which I thought was a fantastic deal considering the quality of their products. I have been a fan of Sleep-In Rollers since they very first came onto the market a few years ago and all they had were the mega bounce rollers (which I still have and use to this day). I spoke about them in a blog post not so long ago on how to get big hair which you can read here if you fancy. Now they have make-up sets, brush sets,  and a huge variety of rollers and hair tools. I decided on buying a big blow dry brush set (which are amazing and I will be doing a review and tutorial on soon) and a set of their beach waves glitter rollers. The sets also came in a huge reusable big bag which I love because I can use it again for little overnight trips away to fit all 50 of my outfits, 2 make up bags and 3 hair appliances. All joking aside I was super happy with this purchase and was gutted when I went back to get more on the Sunday for friends and family and they were all sold out! There were actually two Sleep-In Rollers stalls within the GDO and both stands were completely empty by 4pm on Sunday, a stark contrast to the overflowing stands I saw on the Friday.


Next up was Jamie Genevieve’s Live make-up masterclass with Urban Decay. If you don’t know Jamie already she is a well-known Scottish Make-up Artist turned YouTube star with a massive following. Abigail and I had tickets for the 12:30pm class and by pure luck of choosing to line up 15mins early we got front and centre seats which was fantastic. We got a lovely Urban Decay goody bag with sample size versions of their best products including the famous Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, their Perversion Mascara and their Revolution High-Colour Lipgloss in the shade ‘Savage’. Jamie then came out and greeted us all warmly before getting started on her model, where she used all Urban Decay products to create a flawless face with a stunning glitter eye. I learned loads from Jamie’s class and found her to be just as bubbly and lovely in person as she is on YouTube. Some of her top tips were to always prime the eyes and set them with powder before doing your eye make-up and also to do your eyeshadow first before anything else, particularly if you are going for heavy eyeshadow to stop any fall-out product sticking to your foundation. Jamie who is the official Queen of highlight in my book, advised us all to do highlighting before contouring with bronzer first to stop the two combining to look muddy on the face. I even got to ask a question during her Q&A session at the end which was nice and it was great to hear some of her tips and advice on full-time blogging which is what I asked about!


On the Friday I wore a gorgeous black oversized sweater dress from Topshop which had black velvet arms which were covered in bronze and multi-coloured sequins. I got loads of compliments on this dress on the day and I think it is perfect for the festive season. I wore mine with my thigh-high ‘Poppy’ suede boots from EGO shoes, however you could also wear this dress with tights or leggings if you prefer.


Sweater Dress – Topshop

Thigh High Boots –


Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make the Saturday show as I had to work and was unable to get the day off. I also had my office Christmas Party at night which was fun. However I made the show on Sunday and just went by myself. I wore this lovely gold crop top that I picked up in Zara and is just perfect for the festive season, I am definitely going to be wearing this a lot to Christmas parties and events! I teamed it with my good old leather trousers from Primark which are so soft and comfy and also my favourite high waisted fit.


Top – Zara (sorry guys I can’t find it online but I purchased it last week in the Glasgow store across from Frasers and it was £17.99 I’m sure!)

Trousers – Primark (no online shop but I purchased these in Stirling Thistle Centre for £12 which is a complete bargain for the quality of them.)

Sunday at the GDO was very, very busy and I almost didn’t know where to look! There was a lot of deals on most of the stalls obviously just trying to shift the last of their products but it was nice to see they had all done very well and sold a lot of product clearly from when I had saw them all last. One stand I hadn’t noticed on the Friday was the ‘Make Believe’ tanning range. I have heard of them before but never tried any of their products and as you all know, I LOVE fake tan so I had to give it a try. I purchased some of their self-tanning mists and also their exfoliator product and then the lovely ladies on the stall kindly gifted me bottles of their tanning mousse and a mitt as well which was so kind. I am really excited to try these products and of course I will be doing a full blog post review on what I think once I have tried them out!

make believe tan.jpg

Other than that I bought a few gifts for family and friends so I am unable to share them on here unfortunately as they will probably be reading this! However I will say it was an absolutely fantastic weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and can’t wait to go back next year. A special thanks to the lovely Claudia and all the people at the Girls Day Out Show for having me as one of their bloggers and being so kind. I hope you all enjoyed this post and if you went to the show as well over the weekend I hope you all loved it as much as me, as you can tell I was totally in my element! Lots of love until next time,




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