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Hi lovessss! Welcome back! So I have been noticing on social media this week that a lot of people are struggling with getting motivated to get up and go to the gym or stick to their healthy eating regime now that the cold, dark winter is officially here and staying in eating mince pies and chocolate seems MUCH more appealing. I for one feel the exact same way and I admit I have really struggled the past couple of weeks to leave my warm cosy house for the gym and have only made it to a couple of classes. However, the saying “summer bodies are made in winter” has been in the back of my mind every time I shovel another chocolate biscuit into my gob so enough is enough! It’s time to get properly back on track and strict with my healthy eating and gym training, so what better way to get motivated than new gym gear?! Yes please!

I was browsing online for some nice but relatively cheap gym wear. With Christmas coming up and presents to buy etc. I just cannot justify spending £35 for one pair of gym leggings, not happening! I am definitely not the type of person who has to be head to toe in a “brand” outfit for the gym. Don’t get me wrong I love branded stuff but I definitely don’t want to spend loads of money on full kits just for going to the sweaty gym. I actually really love Primark’s gym wear I have had a few things from there before and it is always really durable and pretty. Whilst browsing online I came across Boohoo’s FIT range which I hadn’t tried before and they had loads of cute little pieces in the sale so of couuuuurse your girl here had to buy near enough everything! Plus they were doing free next day delivery which was another bonus. I should mention quickly that this post is not an ad or sponsored by Boohoo in any way, these are all my own opinions and everything I purchased was bought with my own money.So when I am buying online I ALWAYS filter the results on the page by my size so that I don’t see something I love then get disappointed to see they don’t have any left in my size once I actually click on it! I did this with the Boohoo sale and was surprised to find there was still loads left in all sizes including mine! 

I really wanted a nice couple of ‘sets’ because I feel like it’s easier to put them together and that way, when you are in a rush to get to the gym, you know what top goes with which bottoms and you can just throw them on and are good to go whilst still looking well put together. I am soooo in love with this animal print sports bra and cropped leggings, I think it is really funky and different and the animal print is right up my street. The material is fabulous and thick whilst still being super stretchy and comfy which is exactly what you want from gym gear. I feel like sometimes sports bras can squash your boobs and make it hard to breathe but this one fit perfectly. The trousers were only £5 and the top was £8! Total bargain for such a pretty and good quality set. I can’t find the exact same trousers only the full print ones but they are still gorgeous and match the bra perfectly!

Top – Boohoo

Trousers – Boohoo


The next set I got was these black and baby pink ‘Gym Game’ leggings and vest. I wanted a pair of long, full length gym leggings since it is a lot colder now and these are perfect. The vest top is a loose fitting, draped style so would need to be worn with a sports bra underneath but it is great to match with the leggings whilst still providing an extra thin layer to cover you. As well as the gym clothes I also decided to pick up this lil plain black cap with a white trim to wear to the gym as well on those particularly bad hair days, which was a steal at just £5! The trainers I am wearing here are the super comfy Nike Flex Supreme TR4’s and they were from JD Sports but I couldn’t find them on their site however they are available on (links below).

Top – Boohoo

Leggings – Boohoo

Cap – Boohoo

Trainers – ASOS


Last but not least I really wanted a plain black sports bra and I found this gorgeous lace up back one for £10. It is so comfy and flattering and the back detail is really different and cool, I love it! Also because it is just plain black you can pair it with loads of things.

Top – Boohoo


I know this isn’t gym gear essentially, but I thought I would mention also as part of the haul, I got this pretty water bottle from B&M which was only £2.99! I really wanted one because I was fed up having to buy bottles of water and the empty bottles would end up on the floor of my car so I picked this one up. It’s perfect for the gym because the top has a handle and a fold down straw as well which is great. It is a really great size and also has 3 diamante strips round the bottom if you want a bit of glitz for the gym.


Overall I am really pleased with the fit and quality of all of these items from Boohoo’s FIT range and I will definitely be using them as my go-to for fabulous gym gear! Where is your favourite place to get gym gear? Let me know in the comments, I would love to try out other different brands. As always you can keep up with me on all my social media (buttons can be found to the right on a PC or at the bottom of the page if you are on a mobile). I am vlogging a lot more on Snapchat too if you want to follow me its lucykennedy18. Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post! Lots of love until next time,


  1. 19th November 2016 / 2:15 pm

    I had a look in Primark a couple of time but they always seem to be sold out out of small sizes and as for Boohoo I never knew that they did sports clothing,I knew that Missguided did but they had really bad reviews for all their stuff so I ended up not getting anything :/

    • lucyrachaelx
      19th November 2016 / 7:52 pm

      That’s true I have noticed that about Primark!!! Boohoo had loads of sizes available and the quality of the stuff is fabulous I haven’t tried Missguided actually! The Boohoo stuff is gorgeous though <3

  2. 22nd June 2017 / 5:56 am

    Bohooo is comfort you can clearly see that right when you wear the clothes. I have been wearing clothes fro some time now and I am a big fan of their clothing range now. The size fist me perfectly and I constantly look for new clothes from them.

    • lucyrachaelx
      22nd June 2017 / 10:11 am

      Thanks for reading Diana! Yes I love Boohoo also – so comfy and affordable 🙂

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