Hello lovelies! When I was thinking about this week’s blog post, I realised I haven’t done a hair tutorial ever on my blog yet! I think it is because around the time I started my blog I was really unhappy with the condition of my hair so I wasn’t doing much with it or even using virtually any heat on it at all. Now my hair has come on leaps and bounds from being damaged back then and has pretty much completely got back to normal (thank you Jesus), I have been able to start doing it properly again and enjoy doing my hair.

So who doesn’t want big, fuller and thicker looking hair? I know I do! Even at primary school I used to get my Mum to put my hair in sponge rollers or ‘rags’ before I went to sleep so I would wake up with a full head of big curls. This obsession continued into my teens and I would watch countless YouTube videos on how to achieve that big, sexy hair look a la Cheryl Cole. Over the years I feel like I have mastered the art of getting voluminous hair and after having a night out with my girls last night which I used this technique for, I thought I would share it with you all!

Okay so first of all there are a few different tools and products you can use to achieve this look. I thought I would give you all a choice here because to be honest, I don’t always use the same tools every time, it just depends on how much time I have and the exact look I am going for. So the three tools I choose between are sponge rollers, heated rollers or a wide barrelled tong. All of them achieve a similar look and will guarantee BIG hair if done properly.

The sponge rollers I use are the ones by ‘Sleep In Rollers‘ that you see all the celebs wearing. I have had these rollers for literally like 4 years and they are still in amazing condition however I think I will be renewing them this Christmas! The rollers are designed to be slept in however just like any velcro rollers you can wear them during the day or whenever before you go out. The perfect thing about sponge or velcro rollers is there is no heat involved which means no damage to the hair! Although I will say my preferred time to wear these is when I have just blow dried my hair. This way, you aren’t using added heat per say, just the heat from the hair dryer is still in your hair and it will give the rollers a little bit of heat to set the hair when you first put them in. Once they cool it will work even better to give you that major volume look. I would say velcro rollers are the absolute best for BIG hair and less of a ‘curl’ although don’t get me wrong, they do give you a nice blow-dry style curl at the ends well as height and volume which I love! I got my rollers when the company first started out so my packaging is different and they were just general pink ones with the little carry bag. Now they do amazing sets in all different styles and colours that come with big brushes and other tools and funky bags! They are also really affordable for the quality and longevity of them. You can get the same set as me here for £19.99  and it also comes with a little bag of clips if you need them for securing your rollers.


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Another tool I love are heated rollers which come in a compact which you plug in and let all the rollers heat up right through the middle. Once they are hot enough (I recommend letting them really heat up for around 20-30mins before putting them in) you want to start at the bottom of the hair, curling the end over the top of the roller and rolling it towards you until you reach almost the root of the hair – you don’t want to roll it under and over unless you want to look like Farrah Fawcett. With heated rollers, they come in generally around 3 different sizes. Big thick ones, medium ones and then smaller ones. You want to make sure you use the big ones for the top layer of your hair, medium for the middle section and the smaller ones for longer pieces underneath if you are going for an all out big curly blow dry look. I tend to just use the biggest ones all around the crown of my head, taking big chunky sections and applying the biggest rollers. Most heated roller sets come with clips including big claw ones which are perfect for securing them tight to your head. I would recommend leaving heated rollers in for a good couple of hours and setting them with hairspray when you first apply them. The best thing about using rollers is you can put all your hair up and out the way and know that it will be all ready to just whip out once you have done all your make-up and getting ready prep. I use the Babyliss Heated Rollers which you can get here from Ebay for £18.99 with free delivery which is amazing because they will last you a really long time, I have had mine for years and they are still perfect!


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The last tool I use is a wide barrelled tong. One thing I will say straight off the bat is please, please, please don’t use a tong all the time to do your hair. Try and make it an occasional thing because I learned the hard way using one twice a week WILL burn your hair and make it really fragile and damaged. However, this one does thankfully come with 5 varied heat settings and I only use my tong if I want big waves after using my Sleep-In Rollers. The reason I use a wide barrelled tong is because the wider it is, obviously the bigger the hair and the curl will be. The tong I use is the Babyliss Boutique Soft Waves, £30. Incase you can’t tell I love Babyliss products for hair I think they are fab! (Of course these are all my own opinions and I am not being paid for this post).


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Okay so now we have discussed the tools let’s look at the products and technique. The products I can’t live without are hairspray and volumizing powder or ‘dust-it’ as many people know it as. Volumizing powder or texturising spray/powder is amazing for making your hair practically grow out the way. It gives soon much volume and texture and is a must for this look! All you have to do is sprinkle some of the powder out onto both your hands or fingertips and ruffle it through the roots and scalp in a massaging motion. I guarantee you will be amazed by this stuff, it literally makes your hair 10x bigger! I use the Got2B Volumizing Powder which you can get from most drugstores for around £3 which is fab because it lasts such a long time as a little goes a long way. I just use either L’Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray or Superdrug’s own brand hairspray which is also great. Just make sure it is one with a firm hold. Then what you want to do is use your rollers or tong and once you have taken your hair down from the rollers or curled it all how you like with the tong, get ready to do what I like to call the FLIP N SHAAAAAKE girl! This technique is my fool proof way of getting that big, voluminous look we all want! Stand with your legs shoulder width apart, flip your head and hair forward and shake it all about. Run your fingers through it and rough it up with the volumizing powder, focusing on the roots. Then, with your head and hair still tipped forward, spray it all over with hairspray (be sure not to hold the can too close to your hair to avoid it becoming crunchy with hairspray). Then flip your hair back up and spray again with hairspray, run your fingers through it to get it how you like it and you are good to go! Some people think that curling their hair and leaving it like that will give them big hair but this technique will amplify it and ensure it doesn’t ‘fall’ after an hour. Also finally, be sure to always use a heat protectant before using any heat on your hair and as a final tip, use a wide barrelled, ceramic brush to blow dry your hair for even more volume.


This is just an example of some of the looks I have created with this technique and using the tools mentioned –


So there we have it ladies, I hope you have found this wee hair tutorial/tip useful and you will give it a try if you haven’t already. Let me know if you do! I love it when you all message me to tell me a product I’ve recommended that you have tried and loved for yourself or tried something out that you have seen on my blog. I also wanted to let you all know that my wee blog is (hopefully) getting a major makeover this week!!! Ahh I am so excited. A lot of you might not know but I have built my whole blog from my iPhone and now that I am taking it a lot more seriously, using my laptop and trying to make something of my little piece of the internet, I really want it to look the part. I like how it looks now but I want it to look a bit more professional and easier to navigate. Hopefully I will be able to reveal all to you next weekend but I will keep you updated through my social media of course as always! If you aren’t already you can follow me on Facebook, InstagramTwitter and Snapchat username: lucykennedy18. Thanks so much for reading and lots of love until next time,



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