The Law Of Attraction: How It Works and My Experiences

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend. Today I want to talk to you all about something that has (without the need to sound really cringey) completely changed my life. The Law of Attraction. I had never heard of the Law of Attraction before in all my life until a friend at work told me to buy the book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne around four years ago. I will be honest, at first I thought that it all sounded like complete mumbo jumbo and just far too good to be true. Then a year later I started coming across YouTube videos on the LOA and I started to learn more and more about it and applying it to my life. Once it started actually working for me, I was so amazed and I wanted to know everything about it. I have been studying it for a long time now so I feel like it is the perfect time to share it with you all. I will be honest I am a wee bit apprehensive to post this incase people think I am away with the fairies but at the end of the day, it’s what I believe in and if you don’t that is absolutely fine. I just think it is a really interesting concept and as you all know I love sharing my passions with you all and this is one of them. I have a feeling this will be a long one so grab a cuppa and a biscuit and settle in.

So some of you may be wondering WHAT ACTUALLY IS THE LAW OF ATTRACTION? Well, in simple terms, it is the idea that ‘like attracts like’ which means basically what you think, you attract. So for example, if you are a negative person or you think negative thoughts, chances are you will attract negative experiences in your life. However, if you think positive thoughts and look on the brighter side of life, then you are more likely to attract positive things into your life. However, it doesn’t stop there. By using the Law of Attraction you can actually manifest whatever you want into your life. Yep that’s right. Anything you want. The LOA focuses on the idea there is a Universal power that hears us and acts on our wishes and commands. So some may call that God or the Universe for example. Some may call it prayer or just simply setting intentions and asking for your desires, guidance or even just peace. For me personally I refer to it as ‘the Universe’. The main idea is that in order to attract the things you want you have to Ask, Believe and Receive. It doesn’t have to be material things or anything of that nature but the idea is that you believe that you deserve whatever you want to attract and that it will come to you.


I think this is the thing that most people find hard to wrap their heads around is that in life believe it or not, you don’t have to be stuck. You don’t have to be in that job you don’t like. You don’t have to have money troubles. You don’t have to feel bad about your body or the way you look. Basically you don’t ‘have’ to do anything. You have the power to create whatever life you desire. I truly and honestly believe that everything in life happens for a reason to teach us life lessons but also I believe that everything in our lives are attracted to us through our thoughts, actions and opinions. Forgive me if this sounds really preachy or anything like that, it’s not my intention. I have just studied this topic so intensely and because I practice it in my own life and see the results first hand, I can’t help but completely and utterly believe in it 110%.  The idea is that you want to focus on good, positive things. Positive thoughts, feelings, words. The more you focus on happiness, abundance and positivity, the more you will attract those things to you.

Let’s take money as an example because I feel it is probably one of the top things people want to use the LOA for. So let’s say you are in debt or you struggle to make ends meet every month. You can’t find a way out of this pattern and you look at people who have all the things you want and seem to have an endless supply of money, so what do you do? You tell yourself things like “I am always skint”, “I never have enough money”, “I will never be able to afford that”. Let me tell you, if you think like that then that is EXACTLY what you will attract. You are coming from a negative place of lack and basically affirming to the Universe that you want to attract more debt and less abundance. Crazy, right? Believe it or not, we as humans are conditioned to think this way. We are exposed to other people who have the same negative attitudes and we see things in the media that give us all this rich vs. poor mentality or see things that condition us to believe that we can’t or don’t deserve to have abundance or happiness or money etc. We believe that “that’s just the way life is” and that we just have to get on with it. WRONG! That way of thinking frustrates me a lot. The first step of understanding and using the LOA is to completely get out of that mentality and basically change your thought process.


In my experiences, I have attracted so many little things – I won’t go into them all but I will give you a couple of big examples. For a long time, I was desperate for a white, sporty car. I didn’t know exactly which one I wanted but I knew I wanted one that looked really cool and I’d love a convertible. Every day I would think about it and get so excited at the thought of having a new car. Then weirdly enough I started seeing loads of white sporty cars on the road, A LOT more than usual. I didn’t think for a minute I would be able to afford one at that time but I also didn’t ever think that I didn’t deserve to have one or that I wouldn’t get one eventually. One day I was trawling through Arnold Clark’s website and BOOM I saw it. A white, convertible, 2 seater little beauty. Straight away I knew it was mine. I acted as if I already had it and took it for a test drive, I didn’t even think about the price or how I would afford it, I just believed with all my heart it was mine. To my surprise when I sat down with the car salesman to go through the pricing I was absolutely gobsmacked to find it wasn’t going to cost as much as I thought at all. Everyone started to say I would never be able to afford the insurance because it was a sporty car. Lo and behold I could afford it no bother. I believe I attracted and manifested that car into my life wether you think I am crazy or not. If you want something badly enough and believe in it enough it will come to you I swear. Another small example is Kyle and I getting handed 2 Rihanna tickets by a random person in a shop one hour before the concert FOR FREE! (You can read all about it here if you fancy). I had been thinking about how much I would have loved to have seen her and how i hadn’t been to a concert for ages. I entered a radio competition to win them but wasn’t disappointed that I didn’t win, just grateful and happy that someone else was getting to enjoy them. Then what do you know, we were handed two for free out the blue. I couldn’t even bring myself to tell anyone that I thought it was the LOA at work incase they thought I was nuts but I smiled to myself when that happened because I knew that it was definitely where it had come from.

Since I started learning about the LOA I have come to realise over time that I have been using it my whole life and so have you believe it or not. There are lots of different ways to ‘manifest’ your desires but I’m not going to go into them in this particular post for fear of it getting too ‘heavy’ but I would be happy to do a post on that in the future if you all like this one and want me to do more. Remember there are also loads of different YouTube videos and information out there that can tell you everything you need to know as well. I hope you all enjoyed this post and apologies that it is so long, I could genuinely write or talk about it for hours with people because I think it is that exciting and fascinating. If you want to know more about it then one of the best YouTubers I can recommend are Law Of Attraction Changed My Life and Brett Moran TV. They cover every topic and every aspect of the LOA you could think of. The books I swear by are of course ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne and her two follow up books ‘The Power’ and ‘The Magic’. They can be found pretty much anywhere online such as Amazon or Ebay or in most book stores like Waterstones. They are fabulous books and so many people all over the World love them, including myself of course.


If you liked this post please let me know and I can do more. I feel like there is so much more I could tell you all about but this should do for now I don’t want to ramble on any longer. If you want to keep up with me on social media you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat username: lucykennedy18. Thank you so much for reading and lots of love until next time,




  1. 12th October 2016 / 12:36 pm

    Hi Hun,

    I had never even heard of this before – I am so glad I came across your post. It sounds so interesting. I would love you to do more posts on this! Georgie – As You Wish UK (Blog Squad UK) xxx

    • 12th October 2016 / 12:41 pm

      Hey lovely! Aww so glad you enjoyed, it is definitely something I am going to elaborate on in future as a lot of people seemed to really enjoy it <3 thanks for stopping by! xxx

    • 12th October 2016 / 7:46 pm

      Thank you girl! I will be sure to do more posts like this <3 xxx

  2. 12th October 2016 / 4:08 pm

    I’ve never heard of this either, really interesting post. I’m going through a lot at the moment I definitely need to try and think more positive lol maybe that will help. I’m going to look up these books now! Great post xo

    • 12th October 2016 / 7:47 pm

      Aww thank you Kasie. I am glad it has inspired you – if you are having a rough time definitely look into it I can almost guarantee it will help lift your spirits! Hope you are feeling better soon honey sending you positive vibes & thanks again for dropping in xxx

    • 12th October 2016 / 7:48 pm

      Thank you lovely! They are AMAZING! Definitely worth the read – it is on YouTube as well for free (the movie of the book The Secret) and it explains it all really well and has all the people from the book in the movie xxx

  3. 12th October 2016 / 9:21 pm

    I live by this book. Seriously, I’ve been through a really rough couple of years with one thing and another and was introduced to The Secret about 8 months ago. Whenever I need to give my head a wobble I read this and it changes my mind set completely to getting back on track. It’s great as well because you can just pick it up and read random bits if you don’t have time for a good old session. Loved this post xx

    • 16th October 2016 / 10:51 am

      Awww so glad you enjoyed it! I know it is so true it is the best little pick me up book ever with all the little quotes in between you can just open it and have a read of them to make you feel better! Thanks so much for stopping by xxx

  4. 15th October 2016 / 11:01 am

    Hi there! This was a really interesting post to read! I have always believed in positivity and always looking at the positive side of any situation that seems bad at first. I think looking at situations in a positive light always makes it easier to deal with and possible to deal with! There is always someone worse off than we are so I also tend to be grateful for what we have and if they can get through their bad times which is worse than our situations, then we can definitely get through it! 🙂 x

    • 16th October 2016 / 10:53 am

      Thank you Lee-Ann!!!! Yes, so true! What an amazing attitude to have. I try to live the exact same way. It is always better to look on the bright side of life because as you say, we are so lucky in comparison to others in the World! Thanks so much for stopping by xxx

  5. 16th October 2016 / 10:52 am

    Thank you!!! Yes very true 🙂 xxx

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