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Hey guys!!!! I hope you are all doing well. As most of you know today is my birthdaaaaay! 22 today OMG without the need to sound like a total granny, WHERE DOES THE TIME GO? I feel like it was just yesterday I was getting ready for my 18th birthday party. So weird. I’m not sure if I like this becoming an adult thing, I think I do. Deep down I know I will always be a big kid at heart forever. You are only as old as you feel as they say! (Okay I definitely sound like an old lady with these cliches I’m going to stop now).


I wanted just to do a little chatty post today. Don’t worry I won’t ramble on too long. I had been working on a “22 Things I’ve Learned In Life So Far” post but I just was not feeling it. I wanted to do something a bit more casual and personal but let me know if you would still like me to do that post maybe next week or the week after and I definitely will.

I’ve had a lovely birthday weekend, nice and chilled. Kyle took me out last night for dinner and drinks and then we went to the cinema to see Bridget Jones’s Baby (it was hilarious btw). It was a great lil night and we went to our new favourite restaraunt, Smoke Barbecue on West Regent Street in Glasgow. Literally the best food, cocktails and atmosphere ever, we love it. If you haven’t been yet then you definitely have to give it a try. I decided to wear jeans and a nice top with a long duster coat and barely there heels. My cream off the shoulder crop top is from Missguided, I got it a while ago but you can get a similar one here. My jeans are ripped skinnies I have had from a while from River Island (you can get a really similar style here) and my shoes are the Avril Barely There Heels in Mermaid from Public Desire.



I woke up today to be absolutely spoiled by all my lovely friends and family and of course Kyle. I FINALLY got a MacBook Pro courtesy of Kyle (what an angel)! Most of you probably don’t know this but I have built my blog entirely from my phone. Every single thing I have done for my blog including my Facebook page, blog posts, PR and e-mails has all been from my lil iPhone 6. Now I have this MacBook I literally can’t believe the difference it is so amazing and I’m so so grateful! I got amazing new running/gym shoes from my Mum and Dad as well that I have had my eye on for ages (my old shoes were getting so shabby). I am obsessed with them. I got so many other lovely things make-up, candles, scented sets and of course, lots of chocolate.


Also I have some amazing news. I have been wanting to create my own domain name for my blog and just become www.lucyrachaelx.com and today I have finally done it! I wanted to make my blog ‘my own’ and get rid of the .wordpress part. I have found it too difficult to navigate on my phone but as soon as I set up my MacBook I did it! Finally, my own little piece of the internet that is all mine. I’m so excited for what’s to come. As I said I just wanted to do a little catch-up, birthday blog with you all and say THANK YOU again for everyone’s lovely messages and kind words about my blog. If you would like to keep up with me on social media you can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and we have a lil snapchat fam situation going on (there are SO many of you on there I LOVE YOU ALL!) so you can follow me on there too if ya fancy! Snapchat: lucykennedy18.

Hope you have all enjoyed reading and until next time,




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