HD Brows Review

Hello girlies and welcome to another blog post! I have been wanting to do this one in particular for a while and have been waiting until my treatment so I could get good pictures to show you all the exact process and what HD Brows is all about! 

I was first introduced to HD Brows in August 2015. My eyebrows were so thin and overplucked and because they were so light in colour they didn’t look great on my face. I needed a change especially with the likes of Cara Delevingne and other big celebs being bang on trend and strutting around with their beautiful big brows. However I found it hard to achieve the same look. I initially found filling them in quite difficult and I normally ended up looking like Browzilla. It was going to take practice. I persevered and was happy for a while but they started to look like big McDonalds “M” signs and I was not feeling cute. Then I came across an Instagram page called High Definition Brows by Colleen and noticed Colleen was based in Glasgow. The before and after pictures sold me right away. The before pictures looked a lot like my brows, thin and barely visible. I couldn’t get away with how amazing the after pictures were. I thought, “surely that’s not just after one treatment?!” Lo and behold it was! So I booked in with Colleen that day. She was so lovely and promised to do her best with my hideous excuses for eyebrows after I advised her it would be a challenge! Now 6 treatments on my eyebrows are so much better and in fantastic shape. A lot of people aren’t sure on HD Brows and don’t know the process or think it’s some expensive and scary permanent thing. It really isn’t though. HD Brows is basically a process of tinting, waxing, threading and plucking to create the desired shape and enhance your brows naturally. 

The first step is the tinting. (WARNING: my brows look a bit scary in this but I promise they don’t go that dark!). Colleen chooses the colour and leaves it on for a specific amount of time depending on how dark you want your brows to be. I don’t like mine too dark since I’m fair skinned and have light hair so she doesn’t leave it on for long. 

The next step is waxing. The brows are waxed and shaped to create a nice natural arch and shape and get rid of any overgrown hairs quickly and smoothly.

Then Colleen uses threading to further enhance the shape of the brows and tidy up any areas the waxing has missed and really perfect the brows. The threading process is followed by plucking with tweezers just to tidy the eyebrows further and again enhance the shape so that your brows look even and clean. 

Afterwards, Colleen uses the HD Brows own brand products which are fabulous. A mixture of powder and brow gel is used to fill in the brows if need be to finish off the look. This part isn’t permanent and once washed off you would then need to use your own brow products if you wanted to fill them in but they have been tinted remember so you don’t actually need to use a lot of product at home anyway

The whole treatment takes generally around 20 minutes to complete (depending on your brows) and the end result lasts for a good 4-5 weeks. I never pluck my brows anymore and only let Colleen work her magic on them. The results speak for themselves and I feel it completely changes your whole face without looking too dramatic or harsh. If you are looking into HD Brows I would absolutely recommend it! I genuinely couldn’t live without them now. If you are based in the Glasgow area and want to contact Colleen for more information or to see more of her fabulous work her Facebook page is High Definition Brows by Colleen and her Instagram is @highdefinitionbrowsbycolleen. Here is a before and after picture of my brows to show the amazing difference.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and hopefully it has given some of you a wee insight into what goes into the HD Brows process. Again if you are thinking about trying it I would highly recommend the treatment it is so worth it especially if you aren’t quite feeling your brows and need a change. Thank you for reading and please let me know if there is anything else you would like me to blog about as I love hearing all of your suggestions and feedback! 💋

Until next time, 


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