Flawless Winged Eyeliner Tutorial

Hello my loves! This evening’s blog post as you can tell from the title is my flawless winged eyeliner tutorial 💄

I get asked alllllll the time how I do my eyeliner and how I manage to get it so precise so I thought I would share my tips and tricks here with you. 💋

First of all I will start out by saying if your not the best at eyeliner don’t worry! Practice makes perfect and il tell you now NO ONE was perfect when they first started its all about practicing and finding what look works best for you. I like my eyeliner to be quite clean, winged and sharp looking but those of you with a different eye shape may prefer to tweak it a little. Let’s get started. 

You will need :- 

An eyeliner/small angled brush

Black eyeshadow

Black liquid or gel eyeliner 

Concealer (optional) 

Starting off you want a nice, clean face and eye area and then you want to put down a base for the liner to be applied to so either add some concealer to your eyelid and the surrounding area of your eye or do your all over face foundation whatever you prefer. My all time favourite foundation is L’Oreal True Match in N5 and that is what I have on here.

Next you want to take your angled brush – I use a random one I got as part of a set but you can get one from Seventeen at Boots for £2.49 here – dip the angled brush into the black eyeshadow and tightline it in small, slow strokes from the inner corner to the outer part of your eye. I do it this way because powder is easy to remove than liquid liner so if you smudge it it’s not a big deal. Just take your time with this part as this will be the foundation for the liquid/gel liner which is more tricky but easier if you have a line to follow. I also find using the eyeshadow first helps my liner stick and stay in place all day. 

Use your angled brush to flick out the ends. I use the exact angle of the brush to create the perfect wing and I find this a really useful trick – again practice makes perfect with this but if you persevere youl get there!

Then it’s time for everyone’s favourite.. the liquid or gel liner! I use Collection Make-Up Fast Stroke liquid liner and it is honestly the best liquid liner ever! – Slowly and carefully go along the line you have created with the eyeshadow. Take your time and remember you don’t need too much product as a little goes a long way. The liquid liners normally come in a little pot with a pointed brush inside but if you are using a gel liner just use the angled brush both work just the same. Collection also do a good one called Lasting Colour which comes with a wee brush as well. Personally I just find that the Fast Stroke liquid liner has a nicer pointed brush to get the line extra crisp.

Finally (this part is optional), dab a couple of dots of concealer just under the flick of your liner and gently blend it out with a concealer brush, beauty blender or your finger. Just be gentle with this part incase you smudge your hard work. It’s maybe best to introduce this part once you have practiced a few times just incase it does get smudged but once you get the hang of it I find this is a nice touch to make your wings nice and clean and ready to fly away into fleek town 😝

As a further final touch, I like to run the remainder of my powder that’s left on my angled brush under my lower lash line just to make it look more dramatic but again this is optional. Remember girls it’s all about what works for you and makes you feel like the princess you are 💗

So there we have it ladies my flawless winged liner tutorial and tips. I hope you love this look and give it a wee try. A lot of people are afraid of too much eyeliner but I think it looks especially nice on a night out to give your eyes that bold, dramatic look. I hope you enjoyed this post and please don’t forget to follow or sign up for e-mail updates if you want to be updated as soon as I post! Also you can follow me on Instagram or Twitter to keep up to date as well.

Hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine girlies! Until next time 💋,


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