My Hair Journey

Good evening everyone! Happy Easter, I hope everyone has enjoyed their long weekend so far and has eaten their weight in chocolate like me.

Tonight I felt inspired to do a post on my hair and to be honest it’s going to be a long one so grab a cuppa and some more chocolate (go on, a fourth egg won’t hurt.. I’m on my fifth) and enjoy ❤️.

My aim for this particular post is to help give hope to those of you who are struggling with your hair and maintaining it or growing it out. Over the past two years I’ve had to deal with the pain and sorrow of my hair being long, thick and lucious to snapping, weak, brittle and having to all be chopped off. Luckily I am finally starting to get it back to the way it was and the condition it used to be. Don’t get me wrong it has been a struggle as I’ve always had such long, healthy hair and it’s sort of forever been my security blanket. It might sound a bit OTT and it also may come as a surprise to many but the change in my hair at the time actually caused a change in my confidence (something the people who know me will know is an area I do not lack in). It’s only now that I am finally getting my hair back to health that I feel better about myself again. Now this is just a personal thing for me of course, I totally think that you always notice your own flaws before anyone else does and what you think looks bad may not look bad to other people so just remember that if you feel the same way confidence wise.

So let’s start at the beginning. Throwback to 2013. I was 18. Out every weekend, getting glammed up and using heat on my hair most days. I had also been blonde for about 2 years by this point and although I had been warned about bleach damaging my hair I hadn’t had a problem with it at all. People were forever asking me if my hair was extensions and how I maintained it. To be honest I didn’t do anything special other than not washing it every day and trying to limit the amount of heat I used on it as best I can but that was all. Here is a picture of my hair then –


Now fast forward a year to 2014. By this point I was 19 and still going out all the time, which is probably how I managed to get glandular fever. Going out 6 nights in a row during the Christmas holidays in -6 conditions with skimpy outfits on probably wasn’t my smartest move but hey ho. I was absolutely ill and practically bed bound for around 8 weeks. I couldn’t go to college or work and was barely eating. I lost over a stone in weight which wasn’t good because I’m naturally slim as it is. My hair lost out on vital nutrients and took a bit of a hit but it wasn’t too bad. Once I got better I decided to get my hair done to make myself feel better after being bed bound. I won’t go into it but I went to a different hairdresser than I’d had before and the outcome wasn’t great or what I’d hoped for. Within weeks my hair started to snap and I was devastated. The thing is my hair had lost out on important vitamins and nutrients as I said although I was back to eating much better the damage was done. I went to another hairdresser who did a fab job of helping me out and saving my hair. All was good. Or so I thought. 


In May 2015 I came down with the worst case of tonsillitis ever which turned into a kidney infection. I was told by the doctors glandular fever lives in your body forever and this was only a year after so I suspect that’s why this case of tonsillitis was particularly bad. I was in the worst pain of my entire life and getting worse as days went on. No antibiotics were helping and my temperature was through the roof. Again I wasn’t eating either. I was hospitilised and spent 4 days in Monklands Hospital being pumped with medication after they found the infection went into my blood and it was so terrifying. At the time I was willing to take anything they could give me to fix it. Once I got better, Kyle took me to Blackpool a month later and it was then I noticed the toll the illness and medication had taken on my hair. It was thin, snapping and totally unmanageable. To be honest it was like having two hair cuts. A mullet and rats tails for ends, it was not cute at all. Poor Kyle had to deal with me crying in the hotel room trying to do something with it but to me I looked like a cross between Billy-Ray Cyrus and a Jeremy Kyle reject with a bad extension job. I was not happy. 


It was then in that moment I realised I had to do something drastic so in July 2015, I did it. I chopped my security blanket right off. I will tell you something surprising as well I actually liked it! Not only that short hair seemed to come right into fashion again at the exact same time. Result. I also got ombré dark brown into blonde so it was a big change for me in colour and length but as I said I was pleasantly surprised. 

Here’s a wee picture –


I got rid of the ombré and went back to blonde for my 21st birthday and after a while my hair started to get a bit dry and withered again which I found difficult to deal with because it was short and I wasn’t used to it looking so bad. So I decided to take action and since September I’ve been doing everything in my power to grow my hair back to the length it was before all of this and restore its condition. I’ve been keeping track of my progress and I’m really pleased to say I’m noticing huge results and finally feel my confidence surrounding my hair getting back to normal.

The first picture as you can see was taken on 30th November 2015 and the most recent one I took was on the 23rd February 2016. I have been making so much effort to look after my hair and although I still get my roots bleached I don’t touch anywhere else with the bleach. 

So there we go guys and gals. A very honest (and long) beauty/lifestyle blog from me. I will keep everyone up to date with my journey as I’m still not at where I want to be with my hair but I’m hoping by July when I go to Tenerife it will be even longer and stronger. I will keep taking pictures of my progress. I know this is might seem like quite a superficial post but your hair really does play a huge part in your confidence levels, well to me anyway.

If anyone would like to know exactly what I’ve been doing to restore my hair I would be more than happy to do a full post on my top hair care tips and advice, just let me know in a comment or message. Also, if you liked this post remember you can subscribe by e-mail and get updates straight to your inbox whenever I post a new blog! Thanks so much for reading & lots of love ❤️,


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